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BoldMove to present AR Quest at blooloop V-Expo

AR Quest BoldMove

BoldMove Corporation, the new vendor-independent service for the entertainment market, will be exhibiting at the upcoming blooloop V-Expo.

BoldMove is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting at this week’s blooloop V-Expo, where it will be unveiling its new product ‘AR Quest’, the first hybrid augmented reality solution for parks & leisure venues. The company will also be showcasing its new Sing & Rise ride and its TooMush IP with Smash & Reload.

Blooloop V-Expo takes place from 13 – 15 October and is a unique virtual event with keynote speakers, panel discussion, networking sessions and more.

AR Quest BoldMove

Presenting AR Quest

AR Quest is a mixed reality game, developed in partnership with ActiveMe. Players enter via a virtual gate at a physical location and are guided to different virtual or physical places before finishing the experience in a themed treasure room.

During the quest, they must swipe to get rid of virtual bad guys, while good guys will also appear with useful tips. This is an engaging way for visitors to discover a park and is a great opportunity for operators to present promotions and marketing while optimising visitor flows and existing infrastructure.

The AR Quest BoldMove

Quentin Pringiers, CEO of ActiveMe, says: “It’s been fun to develop a solution for theme parks and leisure centres. We have all the proven technology in house and work closely with BoldMove experts to apply this to the new AR Quest application with fitting gameplay and attraction setting, in this case, a Wild West treasure hunt. It’s just the first step as we see many great opportunities in the entertainment industry with BoldMove Nation.”

Visitors simply use their own smartphone to enjoy the quest, which also has the added benefit of spreading them across the park for better social distancing. They can share their scores and images on social media while owners can capture data and guide visitors to particular facilities. Parks are able to lay out the path and adjust it to the time of day.

BoldMove can undertake the entire deployment of the game, from building the stories, implementing the scenes and tools, up to mapping the park areas. AR Quest can be customized to a variety of themes, including seasonal dimensions or special events.

BoldMove heads to blooloop V-Expo

BoldMove is looking forward to being a part of the first-ever blooloop V-Expo, where it will be using its virtual booth to connect with those interested in creating happier worlds together for regional theme parks, FECs, shopping malls, zoos and leisure centres.

Benoit Cornet, BoldMove CEO and Captain of Creative Minds, says: “Our mission is to define and develop the right solution for each customer and venue. With BoldMove Nation we can rely on an impressive line-up of preferred technology partners, yet remaining independent to choose the ones most  suitable for each project.”

Sing & Rise BoldMove

As well as AR Quest, the company will also be showcasing Sing & Rise, a new karaoke version of its successful Smash & Reload dark ride platform. Here, players can rise to superstar status with fun coaching, starting from sessions in a garage to arena-style shows complete with lighting and audience effects, as they build their scores to reach the Hall of Fame.

Vehicles are shaped as mini-stages with old-fashioned-looking microphones with gameplay based on proven technology similar to Guitar Hero, with high-tech projection, sound and light technology by BoldMove partners.

BoldMove Corporation also recently announced the launch of a humourous new IP, TooMush, designed in partnership with Polymorph, to complement the Smash & Reload dark ride family. Smash & Reload is a double-action dark ride that combines simple gameplay with a compact footprint, resulting in a high-throughput.

Fabrice Guichard, CEO of Polymorph says “It’s important to offer a fitting IP to a dark ride like Smash & Reload, with characters that are easy to understand and shoot at. We kept the storyline very clear and linear as in only 4 minutes players want to enjoy the game without having to get their head around complex stories, competitive setups and gameplay.”

Registration for blooloop V-Expo is still open, and the three-day event is free-to-attend. The full programme is available here.

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