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Entertainment Booking Concepts: How to Increase Ride Capacity by up to 15% on Peak Days

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Adventure Resource Planner(ARP) – No queues – More rides – More revenue

Adventure Resource Planner (ARP) from Entertainment Booking Concepts is the only reservation based system available in the industry that allows visitors to plan ahead and delivers an increase in ride capacity of up to 15% on Peak Days. 

Adventure Resource Planner(ARP) – No queues – More rides – More revenueARP is a Reservation Line Management System first launched in 2005 at LEGOLAND Billund.  The 3-in-1 web based system offers a combined Line Management System, Operation Management System and CRM.

Guests schedule their day using their own internet device – smart phone, tablet or pc – so there is no hardware for attractions to supply and maintain. 

ARP allows theme park operators to increase ride capacity by up to 15% without increasing queues.  By optimising utilisation, the guests using Adventure Resource Planner do not have to queue AND the wait time for the guests not using the service will also be shorter! 

How is this possible?  

Let’s have a look at graph below:

Entertainment Booking Concepts: How to Increase Ride Capacity by up to 15% on Peak Days

First we have the traditional Bell curve (blue). The upper yellow straight line is the maximum capacity per hour for the ride (a little over 1000). On the right and left side of the Bell Curve we have 2 triangles; they show the capacity not being used. 

The lower straight blue dotted line starting at 400 is the maximum capacity that can be booked by guests via ARP.  This leaves 600 slots for stand-by riders.  Just below this is a yellow line showing how ARP has evenly distributed all time slots over all the available operating hours.

The graph shows the effect for one attraction, but the overall effect of optimising scheduling for the theme park over all its attraction can provide another 15% increase in capacity on peak days.

Other Options

But surely the only way to get rid of queues is to build more rides? 

No. No matter how many attractions/rides the parks build there will still be queues because of the inherent variability in the distribution of guests between attractions. 

What about virtual queuing systems?

Again the answer is no.  A Line Management system has to be able to spread out the guests across the attractions throughout the day and thereby increase rides per guests per day to be of true value for the Park Operations Management.

Virtual queuing systems cannot balance the load in the same way that reservation management systems can, because the guests book just one attraction at a time.  

Disney FastPass+

Together with, but predating, Disney’s new FastPass+ service, ARP is the only product in the industry that offers a reservation based system, rather than virtual queuing, that allows visitors to plan ahead.  

And since FastPass+ is a Disney system, ARP is the only product of its kind on the market today.

Disney has observed the additional increase in ride capacity when they replaced their old virtual queuing based FastPass with reservation based FastPass+:

In an interview with the Orlando Sentinel, February 12, 2014, Bob Iger stated that Disney was able to accommodate 3000 extra guests per day because of MyMagic+/FastPass+.

Ocean Park

Ocean Park in Hong Kong is using ARP to great effect.  Todd Hougland, Executive Director, Operations and Entertainment of Ocean Park Hong Kong, recently commented: “So it’s able to disperse the guests because it knows when we have peak hours and when we have additional hours we want to push people to… let’s say, the Waterfront at 8pm … we’ve seen a great boost in terms of guest service.”

Entertainment Booking Concepts: How to Increase Ride Capacity by up to 15% on Peak Days

ARP delivers a Win-Win solution for everyone – Operations Management, guests and Park Owners – with a boost to net income and guest satisfaction every year!

Find out more about the how to increase ride capacity with ARP by downloading Entertainment Booking Concepts’ white paper here.

Or contact us:  CEO Peter Rødbro, Entertainment Booking Concepts – Phone: +45 2948 5968 or Mail:

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