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Tivoli and BIG reveal plans for new H C Andersen Hotel at Tivoli Gardens

h c andersen hotel tivoli big

BIG and Tivoli have revealed plans for the H C Andersen Hotel at Tivoli Gardens amusement park in Copenhagen, named after Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.

The H C Andersen Hotel project involves refurbishing and repurposing the 1893 Tivoli Castle, renovating the 1883 Panorama Pavilion, and building a new 18-storey pagoda. BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) formerly worked on LEGO House in Billund.

Tivoli’s new pagoda, as pictured, will be covered in gardens and greenery. BIG founding partner, Bjarke Ingels described Tivoli as “a unique oasis of lush gardens and whimsical architecture”.

He added: “With a renovation of the 1893 Tivoli Castle and the addition of a new building, we have attempted to capture and accentuate the character of the existing castle, creating a new typology inspired by Tivoli’s archetypical architecture.

Refurbishing and repurposing the 1893 Tivoli Castle

h c anderson hotel big tivoli“A hybrid between the garden’s pagodas, pavilions and towers, our proposal builds a bridge between the city’s history and present – the nearby Rundetårn and Axel Towers – as well as the city’s archive of unrealized dreams. Past, present and fantasy unified in the heart of Copenhagen.”

Tivoli CEO, Lars Liebst, said: “Only through projects such as this can Tivoli stay relevant for future visitors. It has been proven time and time again that depending on Tivoli’s historic charm is not enough.

“Change is in Tivoli’s DNA, it is our heritage, and Tivoli has always hired the best architects to make sure that new additions will stand the test of time, because we are building for the future.”

Tivoli’s urban park project with Gehl

In addition to the H C Andersen Hotel, Tivoli and Gehl CEO Birgitte Bundesen Svarre presented an idea to turn Vesterbrogade into an urban park.

Acclaimed urban design and city planners Gehl have designed a 10,400 sqm recreational space in front of Tivoli for pedestrians and cyclists.

Earlier this year, Tivoli Gardens revealed it will invest DKK100 million (USD $15 million) to replace some of the park’s older rides.

Image: BIG

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