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New Drop of Doom VR comes to La Ronde’s Orbite

Six Flags VR Tower Ride Drop of Doom La Ronde

La Ronde is introducing an extreme virtual reality experience for a limited time on its Orbite ride.

Drop of Doom VR offers a thrilling, totally immersive encounter with giant mutant spiders.  La Ronde is introducing the experience in partnership with Samsung Gear VR and Oculus.

“Again this year, we are proud to offer an exclusive experience combining cutting-edge technology and thrilling entertainment,” says Phil Liggett, President of La Ronde, based in Montreal, Canada.

“What better way to celebrate our 50th anniversary than by offering our guests an extreme virtual reality experience.”

As riders board Orbite, they will be invited to wear wireless Samsung Gear VR headsets.  As the ride departs, they will be cast in the roles of pilots on a futuristic gunship under attack by mutant spiders.

Riders will experience a high speed virtual vertical ascent, shooting up 100 stories, teetering off the edge of a helicopter.  They will be given a 360-degree rotating view looking down on vast city skyscrapers besieged by giant arachnids.

The VR effects are monstrously lifelike. During a high-intensity gun battle, one of the mutant spiders spews out baby spiders that crawl all over the rider.  What goes up must come down – and riders also experience a gut-churning 100 storey fiery plunge between the skyscrapers.

The final showdown comes with a confrontation with a spider the size of a van.  The creature is in full teeth-slashing attack mode.

The Drop of Doom VR attraction opens today and will run for a limited time only.  The experience is free with paid park admission.  Riders must be at least 52″ tall to ride and at least 13 years old to experience Samsung Gear VR.

La Ronde is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  It was originally built as the entertainment complex for Expo 67, the 1967 world fair.  It is now owned by Six Flags Entertainment Corporation.

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Ella Baskerville

Ella Baskerville

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