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Lagotronics Projects presents new interactive flat ride, Battle Arena

Riders can battle each other, hitting targets to score or steal points

Lagotronics Projects Battle Arena

Lagotronics Projects, the media-based attractions specialist, has announced the launch of a new interactive ride concept, called Battle Arena. The flat ride is ideal for theme parks, amusement parks, FECs and more, and can be installed either inside or outside. Battle Arena invites guests to compete with each other on three levels, while their vehicles make sudden movements up and down for an extra, unpredictable challenge.

This month, the new ride will be on show at the Lagotronics Projects booth at the Saudi Entertainment & Amusement (SEA) Show in Riyadh and at IAAPA Expo Europe in Barcelona.

Lagotronics Projects Battle Arena gun

An interactive challenge

The ride has three levels and the gondolas move up and down between these at seemly random but pre-programmed intervals. Guests can also rotate their gondolas with a joystick. The aim is to discover and hit the targets located around the arena, as well as zeroing in on the targets on their opponents’ gondolas in order to steal their points. There are also bonus, hard-to-reach targets for extra points.

The battle can be played either by individual players, by a gondola, or with multiple gondolas in one team, while the integrated scoring system keeps track of the total scores, allowing riders to check the scoreboard at the end of each ride.

Battle Arena also includes an optional feature that encourages guests in the queue to get involved too, allowing them to aim at targets while they wait and meaning that, for riders, the challenges can come from anywhere.

ART Engineering, the German ride systems company, is developing and delivering the ride system for Battle Arena. The ride consists of 12 arms with one 2-seater gondola on each arm. This means that a total of 24 players can join the battle. It can be installed on a footprint of just 350 square metres.

Last year, Lagotronics Projects was commissioned to update the technology of the popular dark ride, Stalen Monsters, at Utrecht’s Railway Museum. This unique attraction runs on real train rails and the company was asked to renew and optimize the total experience of the dark ride.

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