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QubicaAMF announces expanded partnership with Kegel

Kegel is now the exclusive manufacturer and supplier for all QubicaAMF lane care and supplies products


QubicaAMF, a leading provider of high-quality, innovative products for bowling and entertainment centres, is expanding its partnership with Kegel, a leader in bowling lane machines, conditioners and cleaners.

The two companies have entered into a new licensing and manufacturing agreement which will see Kegel becoming the exclusive manufacturer and supplier for all QubicaAMF lane care and supplies products going forward.

A seamless change for customers

Kegel will now also be working on product development for the QubicaAMF chemical line, investing in improvements and new innovations. This covers the VisFlo, Reactor, Utopia, Formula ACC, Formula 388, SureSlide and PinKeeper brands around the world, as well as the Duster and Cleaning Cloth.

For QubicaAMF customers, the change will be seamless. US clients will purchase their lane care supplier directly through QubicaAMF, the QubicaAMF eShop or an authorized distributor as before, while worldwide customers will continue to buy the products through their local Qubica sales office or distributor.

Now, Kegel’s Technical and Pattern support team will also be on hand, meaning that customers can benefit from their expert support when buying QubicaAMF lane care supplies.

“Continuously developing and maintaining the best and broadest product line to help our customers grow is at the core of who we are,” says Jay Buhl, Executive Vice President for QubicaAMF. “Kegel is the undisputed leader in lane care and lane maintenance. Together we share a similar philosophy and passion for innovation in our respective fields.”

“Our relationship goes back several years when Kegel began manufacturing some of the chemical products for QubicaAMF,” adds Chris Chartrand, Kegel CEO. “This is a very natural progression of our relationship and we are excited to see all that Kegel can bring to the QubicaAMF chemical line.”

New look, same quality

The two companies initially began working together in 2014, when Kegal started manufacturing a number of chemicals for QubicaAMF. This new partnership will expand on this, building on Kegel’s experience and expertise in order to provide high-quality standards of production and manufacturing and new product innovation. It will also ensure that products continue to meet global compliance for the QubicaAMF chemical line. 

The product line will also be sporting a new look, while users can be confident that it still provides the same performance and characteristics, thanks to extensive lab testing and bowler testing.

“With this next phase of our partnership our customers will directly benefit from the expertise Kegel brings along with access to their expert technical support team,” says Buhl.

Last month, QubicaAMF announced that the International Bowling Federation (IBF) has granted it the Official Partner status, Exclusive Global Bowling Equipment, until 2030.

Top image, left to right: Chris Chartrand, Jay Buhl, Pat Ciniello and Gus Falgien

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