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Landmark Skycoaster® Takes Andy’s Alligator Fun Park to New Heights


Ride Entertainment has announced the installation of a new Skycoaster® at Andy’s Alligator Fun Park, Oklahoma.

It’s impossible to miss the 109ft A-frame thrill-ride, now a landmark for motorists travelling past the venue.

“The FEC business is changing and we continue to look for attractions that meet the demands of our guests, ” reports Kyle Allison, General Manager at Andy’s Alligator Fun Park. “We are excited to add an attraction we feel will take our business to new heights.”

The park combines both an FEC and a waterpark. The addition of the Skycoaster® is seen as marking an important milestone in the park’s evolution.

“The Skycoaster® is unique and that’s what we look for, ” says Allison. “Our customers are already intrigued by the construction of the towers and we can’t wait for the first ride!  We are confident the Skycoaster® will take us to the next level. Our customers are excited for a cutting edge thrill attraction.”

Skycoaster, part of the Ride Entertainment Group, first created the interactive, vertical thriller in 1992.  Since then, guests have enjoyed more than 30 million Skycoaster flights at close to 100 sites on 6 continents.

“This model of Skycoaster® is ideal for the FEC and small to medium-sized park market, ” explained Skycoaster’s Managing Director, Mark Rosenzweig. “For the investment, it is tough to find another vertical piece that makes such a strong visual presence.  We are confident that the attraction will serve Andy Alligator’s well over the coming years.”

Image, courtesy of Ride Entertainment, shows Mark Rosenzweig (left), Managing Director of Skycoaster and Kyle Allison, the General Manager of Andy Alligator’s Fun Park.

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Ella Baskerville

Ella Baskerville

Ella is Business Development Manager and looks after client relationships and new business. Joining Blooloop in 2015, she has a degree in Natural Science from the University of Bath, but her true passion lies with the attractions industry and is a self-confessed theme park geek.

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