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Mirage Entertainment’s “Hongcun Aju” Production Opens in Qishu Lake Resort, China



Mirage Entertainment announces the August 1, 2012 grand opening of its latest production, “Hongcun Aju” (which translates into the woman’s name, Aju of Hongcun), at the historic village of Hongcun in Anhui, China for the Zhongkun Group (a major Chinese property development co. and owner of both Hongcun village and its related Qishu Lake Resort, where the show is expected to become a world famous tourist attraction).

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The spectacular, (US) $30, 000, 000 dollar production, a live, night-time lake show, features 120 performers, stunning multi-media projections and breathtaking special effects.  Mirage has marshaled the talents of top industry names from the United States, Italy, Columbia, Canada and China to present the epic of the Anhui women (renowned in Chinese lore for their strength and loyalty in holding down their village against all odds, while their men are away on business) in a highly stylized pageant of dance, water ballet, acrobatics, stunts, and dazzling technology.      

Nestled in the scenic Anhui mountains, the famous venue, itself, is an ancient Chinese village (nominated as a World Heritage Site) which has been restored and developed into a major tourist attraction by the Zhonkun group.  Of course, there were many challenges and cultural considerations involved in mounting such a big show on such a historical site – not to mention the challenges of leading some of the top international talents from five nations toward a common goal.

Project Director, Leonard Chau of Mirage Entertainment recalled, “We all aimed for the same goal, but with different approaches, and sometimes in different languages…” but with patience and persistence, the results have been an unqualified success.  The spectacular production has been well received and, if opening night is any indication, the current season is expected to continue playing before packed audiences.

A complimentary day-time show is currently under development.

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