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nWave Pictures Distribution Unveils New 4D Attraction Film and Ride Simulation Film at IAAPA Asian Expo in Singapore


nWave Pictures present "The Good,  The Bad and a Horse"For three days, from June 5 to 7, Booth #427 will be home to the nWave team. Come meet Eric Dillens, (Chairman of nWave Studios), and Goedele Gillis (Manager, Sales and Marketing) and get information on our current titles and line-up.

Visit our 3D screening facility, where you can watch any films of your choice with full 4D effects.

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nWave is proud to present “The Good, The Bad and A Horse, ” a brand new and exciting title available for attraction exhibitors and theme parks. It features cues for breathtaking 4D effects that will delight your audiences. With this film, introduce your viewers to a triplet of iconic characters – a brave sheriff, an apple-minded steed and a villainous bandit – as they give old-style Western antics a novel twist. From shoot-outs to railway chases, the colorful 11-minute comic adventure in 4D is sure to engage the whole family. Produced by Red Star and directed by Ben Smith, the film is available for distribution exclusively from nWave. Stop by our Booth #427 to experience it!

nWave Pictures present "Sherlock Homes 4D"NOW AVAILABLE: CASTLE SECRET – THE RIDE

Following the success of “Castle Secret 4D – the 11-minute Attraction, ” nWave brings you another captivating ride simulation film. This time it’s “Castle Secret 3D – the Ride” that takes Tony, Tina and friends on a dazzling spin into the castle’s catacombs. Families will be thoroughly entertained by this four-minute adventure produced by Mack Media Entertainment. The film is available for distribution exclusively from nWave. Stop by our Booth #427 and be prepared for the ride of a lifetime!


“Sherlock Holmes 4D” joins the company’s impressive catalog of Attraction Films in 4D/3D. The enthralling animation engages viewers from start to finish as they follow brilliant detective Sherlock Holmes and his constant companion, Dr. Watson, in pursuit of a bank robber through the lamp-lit streets of London. The 11-minute film is available for distribution from nWave. Stop by our Booth #427 to watch it!


nWave is in post-production with a new wildlife film, “Great Apes 3D.” Produced by Australian-based VisionQuest Entertainment, this film takes viewers into the jungles of Africa and Asia for some amazing close encounters with chimpanzees, bonobos, orangutans, and mythic gorillas.   Watch a promotional clip that is only available through nWave’s Vimeo PRO site Enter the password: greatapes


Penguins 3D, ” narrated by David Attenborough, is now available in a 22-minute version. Currently playing in the US (Boston, New York City, Jersey City and Philadelphia), this live-action documentary of love and survival is also available in digital 3D in 4K and 2K. “Penguins 3D” is an Atlantic Productions film. It was entirely filmed in 3D and on location on South Georgia island, one of the last untouched places in the world. Sales and marketing of the Film are handled exclusively by nWave Pictures Distribution.

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