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High-tech Halloween kicks off at Ocean Park

Ocean Park Use AI, AR and VR attractions technology in Halloween Fest

Ocean Park’s annual Halloween Fest has begun, and the park is using the latest technology to scare visitors. The event  will run until 31 October and features 11 haunted attractions and 13 unique experiences.

Split into “Scary Attractions” and “Family Attractions”, the event will utilise technology to create interactive elements that will enhance the scares.

All the attractions have also received a percentage score on the “Scary Index” indicating how terrifying the attraction is.

3D projection-mapping and tracked movement

The park has collaborated with the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong to create X-Dimension presented by Yahoo!. The attraction will utilise 360-degree projection and 3D mapping alternate dimension.

In the attraction, guests put on 3D glasses. Leap Motion technology precisely tracks their hand movements allowing the projection scene to “interact” with them in all directions.

Professor Jeffrey Shaw, Chair Professor of City University of Hong Kong’s School of Creative Media, said, “This is our third time partnering with Ocean Park Halloween Fest. This year the team applied the most advanced technology to bring out a never-before-seen interactive multimedia haunted attraction experience. The 360 degree projection immerses guests into horrific scenes, which are more realistic than the single way projection, and way more shocking. The few minutes of projection videos inside the haunted attraction, took our graduates more than half a year to complete. The quality matches that of Hollywood movies, we believe guests will truly experience an extremely spooky real interactive multimedia experience.”

Ocean Park Hong Kong use AI, AR and VR technology in Halloween attractions

Augmented Reality

Devil Seeker’s Tale presented by vivo will utilise virtual and augmented reality technologies. In the shoot ’em up attraction, guests will pick up a bow equipped with a smartphone device, and through the use of AR technology, will be able to see devils pop up on their device’s screen and shoot them down.

Leo Kung, Chairman of Ocean Park, said, “To advance with time and strive for innovation are the key winning factors for Ocean Park throughout the years. The annual Halloween Fest is a great example of how we do this. This year we have introduced a lot of advanced technologies, to enhance our guests experience. At the same time, we are glad to collaborate with School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. They are applying their creativity and forward looking works, to create a very impressive Halloween experience for our guests. We also want to showcase the achievements from Hong Kong’s creative industry, and further strengthen Ocean Park’s status as ‘The Park for Hong Kong People’.”

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