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Ocean Park Hong Kong unveils deep cleaning during COVID-19

ocean park hong kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong has announced new levels of hygiene and animal care during its temporary closure in response to the coronavirus crisis. The attraction has also shared an online video of its animal ambassadors.

In a bid to stop the spread of COVID-19, Ocean Park Hong Kong has been temporarily closed to the public since late January.

During this time, Ocean Park has undergone a series of deep cleaning measures on all attractions, animal exhibits and behind-the-scenes facilities.

These have been thoroughly cleaned to ensure a healthy and secure environment for humans and animals. Ocean Park will continue to uphold strict protective measures as it prepares to reopen.

Deep cleaning measures during COVID-19

Meanwhile, the theme park’s veterinary and animal care teams have done additional physical examinations, on top of routine check-ups, for all animal ambassadors.

Ocean Park’s animal care team performs a daily list of husbandry checks with the birds, letting them stretch and flap their wings in the morning.

As birds are prone to respiratory infections, the park’s penguin keepers provide additional vitamins and nutritional supplements to the birds during daily feeding sessions.

The team also observes the penguins’ breath and monitors their heart rates.

Check out the animal ambassadors at Ocean Park

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【佢企定定等緊乜?】等開餐,食魚仔?定係等做檢查,check吓今日嘅呼吸狀況健唔健康? . . . . . . 答案係B,等做呼吸檢測!企鵝雖然居住喺冰天雪地,不過由於氣管比較敏感,容易有上呼吸道感染,所以動物護理員每日會為佢哋做檢測,確保呼吸狀況健康。我哋嘅護理員會針對唔同動物嘅需要,設計最貼身嘅日常護理程序,如果喺檢查期間發現有特別需要,我哋會諮詢獸醫,進行特別檢測,確保動物健康精靈!人又好,動物都好,都要keep住健康生活,齊齊抗疫啊! . . [What are they queuing up for?] Are they waiting for a fish meal? Or waiting for a health check? . . . . . . The answer is B – they’re waiting to have their breathing checked. While penguins live in extreme conditions, they have sensitive tracheas and are vulnerable to infections. That’s why our animal keepers have to check their breathing every day to ensure they are in good condition. In fact, our keepers have customized an everyday husbandry procedure based on each animal’s needs. During these procedures, if we find any special attention is needed, we consult our vets and arrange a more thorough examination to ensure these animals live healthy! And just like our animals, we have to keep ourselves in good health in the fight against viruses! #hkoceanpark #OPLovelyAnimals #Penguin #海洋公園 #齊齊抗疫 #企鵝

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The attraction’s caretaker observes the capybaras’ condition during the daily husbandry checks, and collects blood samples to check their health.

In addition, the team measures the body temperature of seals, brushes their teeth and checks their mouths daily to help them maintain good oral health.

Ocean Park shared a new video, which you can watch above, offering a glimpse at its anti-epidemic measures and veterinary and animal care teams.

The footage also features Ocean Park’s resident animal ambassadors, to inspire viewers during the global coronavirus pandemic.

Legacy Entertainment, a leading theme park and resort design company, recently announced the reopening of Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park.

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