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Plopsa investing €25m in new rides for Holiday Park

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Plopsa Group plans to invest €25 million in Holiday Park over the next five years. The company revealed that three new attractions are planned for the theme park.

CEO of Plopsa, Steve Van den Kerkhof, announced the news at the official opening of Holiday Indoor. The three new attractions are all set for completion by 2022.

Thunder River becomes Dino Splash

Thunder River will be converted into Dino Splash by 2020. Currently, guests ride in rafting boats over a replica mountain river.

Dino Splash already features at other Plopsa Group attractions. Visitors are invited to ride in boats over slides, encountering volcanic mountains and dinosaurs along the way.

Van den Kerkhof confirmed that Dino Splash, the first of three investments, will cost €5m.

New rides Disk’O Coaster and Splash Battle

€10 million will be issued in 2021 for two new rides – Disk’O Coaster and Splash Battle.

At Disk’O Coaster, visitors will sit on a large, round disc, which swings back and forth over a roller coaster track, turning alternately clockwise and anticlockwise.

In Splash Battle, boats sail through a canal and riders can fire large water guns at neighbouring boats and targets.

Plopsa expansions and theming

One of Germany’s best known amusement parks, Holiday Park was acquired by Plopsa in 2010. The company has grown attendance from 400,000 to 650-700,000 per year.

Holiday Park is part of a European portfolio of sites spanning outdoor parks, indoor parks and waterparks. All provide an outlet for characters and intellectual property (IP) from parent company Studio 100.

In an exclusive interview with Blooloop, the Plopsa CEO discussed the attractions’ ongoing expansion, lean management structure, and his biggest weakness.

Meanwhile, specialists in theme projects and design, Themebuilders Philippines Inc. will create the theming for two attractions at Plopsaland De Panne in Belgium.

New rides coming this year

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