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Prime Minister Opens Vialand, Turkey’s First Theme Park


VIALAND, which combines Turkey’s first thematic park in world standards and scale, with shopping streets and show center has been opened by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday May 26th, 2013. Carrying out the opening ceremony together with children, the Prime Minister also visited the thematic park with children and distributed gifts. Dr. Kadir Topbas, the Mayor of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Abdurrahman Gürsoy, the CEO of Gürsoy Group, Coskun Bayraktar, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Via Properties and many high profile names from Ankara king kong theme park ride at vialand turkeyand Istanbul attended the opening ceremony.
Constructed at a TL 1.15 billion investment cost at the heart if Istanbul in Eyüp, on  a 600 decare area equivalent to 100 football pitches, in a joint venture of Gürsoy Group and Via Properties supported by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, VIALAND overtakes many popular thematic parks in the world with more than 50 entertainment units including King Kong, Tower Ride, Rafting Ride, Splash Coaster, Interactive Dark Ride, Dark Ride, Small World that are brought into Turkey for the first time. Presenting Turkey’s first thematic park together with show center, shopping streets and city park, VIALAND stands out in the world with its concept as a distinguished project.
Meeting the global standards – and scale – of the most popular thematic parks’ standards and scales, the doors of the tale world of VIALAND’s thematic park are opened through the VIALAND Castle rising in a 2000 m² area in all its magnificence. Comprising of Fun Zone, History Zone, Adventure Zone sections, there are more than 50 entertainment units located n the thematic park which are entertaining and exciting not only for children but also for adults.
Including Adalet Kulesi (Tower Ride), Çilgin Nehir (Rafting Ride), Viking (Splash Coaster), Jetski, King Kong, 360, Motion Simulator, there are more than 50vialand turkey theme park concept art units in the Adventure Zone of the VIALAND thematic park, which are exclusively fictionalized for youth and for those feeing young, while Interactive Dark Ride, Dark Ride offer an exciting trip to the families. ‘Bir Zamanlar Istanbul Sokagi’ (Once Upon a Time Istanbul Street) incorporates the neighborhood life and culture with its wood-frame houses with conversations outside, and with elegant bay windows from where you can wave hands. The Dream of Fatih – that entertainingly animates the conquest of Istanbul by Fatih Sultan Mehmet – and the Family Coaster units will be put into service by the beginning of July 2013 and Roller Coaster unit by the end of 2013.
‘Play World’, which includes 10 different units and an open air playground named “Gelin Oynayalim” (Let’s Play), is designed for children to have fun in a colorful environment. VIALAND did not forget disabled people; some of the swings located in the open air playground are exclusively designed for disabled children. Small World, the Carousel, Motion Simulator, Little Miners, the Funny Farm, Flying Kids, Mini Tower, Bumper Cars, Fire Brigade, Driving Course … and many other units offer joyful moments for the little guests and their families in VIALAND.
 Shopping Joy at VIALAND with a Castle View in 250 different stores
Gathering outstanding and famous brand names under the mall center and aiming to become the most entertaining address for people of all ages to enjoy quality time and to shop, the construction of VIALAND has been completed in 24 months. Situated on a 110, 000 m2  rentable area, VIALAND has 109 different fronts and 250 stores on the shopping streets. Experiencing a quite different experience thanks to the special shows and applications carrying the entertainment from the thematic park to the shopping zone, guests are able to shop in this zone in the open air accompanied with the captivating view of the magnificent castle of the thematic park, and enjoy their time in the food court. At VIALAND, which is home to worldwide famous brand names, it is also possible to sample the unique tastes of Turkish and world cuisines, while in VIALAND’s 100 decare city park – which includes walking tracks, guests are able to wander freely and enjoy the fresh air.
25 different concerts at AveaPark throughout the summer
At another part of VIALAND in AveaPark, 25 concerts will be organized from the beginning of June until the end of September, where many famous names will take stage. Having the capacity to attract more than 10, 000 guests at the same time, there will be special activities for the month of Ramadan.
In 2014, a thematic hotel will be included to the VIALAND. The 5-star hotel will host 250 rooms, and 12 private suites and family rooms. In addition to the exclusively designed beds and baths for children adjoining all bedrooms, there will also be special children’s units in food & beverage zones, offering a dream-like experience for the hotel guests.

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