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Six Flags Video Guide to the new Rides and Attractions for 2013


Six Flags President and CEO Jim Reid Anderson’s video tour of all of the new rides and attractions planned for the 2013 season: 

For further details follow the links below:

Six Flags Over Texas: Texas SkyScreamer: At 400 ft above the ground the Texas SkyScreamer will be the world’s tallest swing ride.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor: Black Hole of Doom 4-D: The popular Black Hole water attraction is to be transformed with state-of-the-art technology and special effects, including holographic projections and spine-chilling sounds in 4D.

Six Flags Great America: igNITE-Grand Finale:A brand new night time spectacular.

Six Flags White Water: Typhoon Twister: A four person tube water ride with a 67 ft bowl.

Six Flags St. Louis: Boomerang: At 125-feet tall the Boomerang takes 28 riders up the 125-foot tall lift hill before hurtling along 1, 650-feet of twisted steel track at speeds up to 50 miles per hour round a half loop, a right half cork screw followed by a left half cork screw and then another half loop and finally through a full loop before climbing a second lift hill.

Six Flags Great Adventure: Safari Off Road Adventure: Safari Off Road Adventure will take guests on an up close animal encounter with 1, 200 animals from six continents.  Visitors will be escorted on an exciting off road safari by drivers who will act as guides to the fictional world of the adventurous Wilds Family.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor: Big Wave Racer: Big Wave Racer will be a multi-lane racer where riders on aero-dynamically-designed water toboggans race from a 4 storey high start down several steep drops stretching 1, 800 feet.

Six Flags Magic Mountain: Full Throttle: Set to break world records, Full Throttle will be the tallest, fastest looping roller coaster in the world.  This triple launch coaster will launch up and over a “Top Hat” that traces the outside of a world-record 160-foot loop — plus a zero to 70 miles-per-hour acceleration on two forward launches and one backward launch into and out of an underground tunnel.

Six Flags Over Georgia: SkyScreamer: A 24 storey swing ride – the tallest ride in the Park’s history

Six Flags Over Texas: Iron Rattler:  The hybrid coaster Iron Rattler will be a unique technological marvel combining a classic wooden support structure with modern track and rails crafted of steel, allowing for unprecedented smooth and swift over-banked turns and inversions never before experienced on either a traditional steel or wooden coaster.  Utilizing state-of-the-art Iron Horse Track™©® the innovative Iron Rattler will provide four over-banked turns, the most of any hybrid coaster today, and will be the first to deliver an inverted barrel roll for an awe-inspiring adventure in and around the surrounding 100-ft. quarry wall setting.  With a top speed of 70 mph the Iron Rattler will have a drop of 171 feet with a drop angle of 81 degrees.

Six Flags America: Bonzai Pipelines: Six free-falling looping waterslides – starting in the “Drenaline Drop” launching capsule riders enter a virtual free-fall for approximately 50 feet through clear tubing before hurtling into pitch darkness for the remaining 200 plus feet–including a tight 360 degree loop.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom: Cirque Dreams Splashtastic: A mix of “mesmerizing dolphin performances along with spectacular Cirque Dreams… the most amazing show above H20” 

Six Flags New England: Bonzai Pipelines:Freefall through a 257-foot enclosed water slide, body surf at 40 miles per hour through a 360 degree loop then splash into six inches of water.

 Great Escape: Screamin Eagles: Pilot your own eagle themed flying scooter



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