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Sunkid announces launch of new product, Sunrider

New ride provides healthy active fun as visitors control their own vehicle with hand levers

Sunrider by Sunkid

Sunkid, a leading provider of attractions for the whole family, presents its latest innovation, the Sunrider. This family-friendly ride invites guests to power their ride at their own pace, by pulling and pushing hand levers. It also has almost limitless potential for fun theming, for operators looking to add something fresh, from galloping horses to hopping rabbits.

Riders will find Sunrider easy to control, whether they are enjoying moving their own vehicle forwards and backwards as they please, or competing with rider on the parallel track.

Sunkid Sunrider

Active fun with Sunrider

The product is straightforward to install, with at least two straight parallel tracks of approximately 20 metres. No power connection is needed and Sunrider adheres to the EN11176 standard for public playgrounds, meaning that it can be operated inexpensively and without operator supervision.

There is the option for battery-powered coin operation and operators can request specific themes and rail lengths. Sunrider consists of two rail sections including dowelling downrail vehicles on wheels, with lever drive and one seat. The hourly capacity is a maximum of 36 pph for a double installation, with the ride itself lasting around three minutes.

Sunkid new product Sunrider

Earlier this year, Sunkid also announced that it has brought its popular Sunkid Tower attraction to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, California, where it operates under the name Lighthouse Lift-Off. This classic attraction has been installed over 110 times and is popular with families around the world.

While riding the Sunkid Tower, visitors can pull a rope to move their double seat upwards, with motorised assistance, and can also let it fall again gently, by releasing the rope. This means they can decide how high they wish to go or can go up and down during the ride, enjoying a panoramic view as the Sunkid Tower rotates around its own axis.

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