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The World’s Tallest Inverted Boomerang Coaster – GOLIATH – comes to Six Flags, New England


Towering over the Crack Axle Canyon in Six Flags, Goliath is situated opposite JB’s Smokehouse Barbeque restaurant and is the 11th Roller Coaster to open in the park joining an already illustrious collection. Suspended from the track above, Goliath propels riders out of the station and up the first tower, where they then experience a terrifying plummet down 20 stories at speeds exceeding 60 miles per hour. 

This is followed by guests being rocketed upside down over a 102 feet-tall vertsix flags new england goliath roller coasterical loop, which leads to a 110 feet-tall butterfly turn, before hurtling twenty storeys upwards.  Once the roller coaster reaches the end of the track riders can enjoy the whole experience all over again as the coaster completes the ride in reverse.

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Manufactured by Vekoma, Goliath stands alongside a host of other, equally-impressive rides, such as Batman the Dark Knight and Bizarro.  Park president John Winkler says: “As the park’s record-breaking coaster, Goliath is the perfect complement to our incredible coaster collection.”
“With this latest addition, Six Flags New England surpasses all parks in New England with the largest collection of coasters and attractions. There’s no better way to kick off an epic season than with the addition of Goliath, ” he added.

For over half a century Six Flags has entertained families from all America and beyond. With 19 parks in Canada, the United States and Mexico, the Six Flags Corporation is the world’s leading theme park company with around $1 billion in revenue per year.  Its unique attractions, ranging from Fight Fest and Holiday in the Park to its exhilarating water parks and electrifying roller coasters, makes Six Flags a must for any adventure seeker.

Goliath opens to the public on May 25th 2012. For further information on this and all of Six Flags entertainment parks, visit the Six Flags website.

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