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Even Crime Follows a Theme at Theme Parks


According to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, theme park crime may be low but it is also surprisingly specific to each park.

One of the most common crimes at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia is theft. Specifically, the theft of backpacks and purses that guests abandon on roller coaster platforms while they enjoy the ride.

At Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, car crime is the theme of choice. Local crime statistics cite a combination of stolen vehicles, theft from cars and theft of parts from parked cars.

Shoplifting appears to be at the top of the chart at Universal Studios Hollywood with Universal CityWalk particularly targeted, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Lt. Robert Wiard.

Disneyland Resort, on the other hand, has had to deal with attempts to pass counterfeit money at food and retail vendors. This crime is not significant at the parks mentioned previously.

Theme Park Crime is Low

Of course, when viewed in the wider context, theme park crime is incredibly low.

According to the same article, at Universal Studios Hollywood, the violent crime rate in 2015 was roughly one incident for every 1 million visitors. In comparison, the rate for the city of Los Angeles was 6, 348 violent crimes per 1 million residents last year, according to FBI crime statistics.

In 2015, the Disneyland Resort had a rate of 10.3 property crimes for every 1 million visitors while Anaheim’s crime rate was higher by a factor of 2, 000.

The key for resorts is striking a balance between making guests feel safe while not feeling under constant surveillance.

Security measures at the entrance of the park, such as metal detectors, play a role in dissuading potential criminals from carrying out their activities within the park.

Disney has also taken other measures including banning visitors form carrying toy guns and preventing the sale of replica guns on site. They have also banned fancy dress costumes for anyone over the age of 14 that obscure the wearer’s identity

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