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Work starts on Qingyuan Chimelong International Forest Resort

aviary Qingyuan Chimelong International Forest Resort

Work began in late December on the main project and hotels of the Qingyuan Chimelong International Forest Resort.

LA-based experience design firm The Goddard Group has been working closely with Chimelong over the last year.

This represents phase one of Yinzhan Zone, just one three zones which will make up the Qingyuan Chimelong International Forest Resort. It is due to open in 2019 as a part of Chimelong’s 30th anniversary celebrations.

giraffe castle Qingyuan Chimelong International Forest Resort
Giraffe Castle

Qingyuan Chimelong International Forest Resort

Two highlights of the park will be  the 88-metre high “Giraffe Castle” (above) and a huge aviary, set to be the world’s biggest with a footprint of 5 hectares. Four themed hotels (giraffe, elephant, rhinoceros and zebra) will accommodate up to 3, 500 visitors.

In support of Chimelong’s development in Qingyuan the onstruction of the maglev train system will be expedited. This 10 billion Yuan project will be completed by late 2018. This enhancement of the transportation system will provide great support for the success of the Qingyuan Chimelong International Forest Resort. The first 8km (of the total 30km) to be developed will start at Yinzhan Station in Quangdong, Qingyuan and end at the new resort.

The design of the new resort is a departure from the standard theme park model. The park will benefit from and utilise the topography and landscape to create three distinct  zones. These will be Yinzhan Zone, Yingju Zone and Huaqiao Farm Zone.

The initial concepts for the Yinzhan Zone released by Chimelong,  give a tantaslising glimpse of a unique attraction.

hotels and animals Qingyuan Chimelong International Forest Resort
Hotel cluster

Animals United

To date, many animals have already made the Yinzhan Zone their home.  These include elephants, giraffes and antelopes. Once the second and third phases of construction have been completed the zone will incorporate a breeding and research institution. Plans are also in place for the park to become an important hub for the conservation of the South China Tiger.

The Yinzhan zone is the biggest of the three zones. Styled as as forest and animal theme park,   it will boast a “super-scale forest resort” and hotels clusters.

A highlight of the Qingyuan Chimelong International Forest Resort will be the 100-hectare entrance plaza. In the centre of this will be a 30-metre high “Animals United” sculpture. This is not dissimilar to the iconic the 20-metre high stingray sculpture at the entrance of Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. Like the stringray, the scuplture will deliver an instant impact and welcome to visitors arriving at the park.

Adjacent to the entrance plaza  will be a 280, 000m2 car park for up to 4, 500 cars. A 20, 000m2 retail and entertainment zone will feature live entertainment together with resturaunts bars, cinemas and shopping.

entrance plaza Qingyuan Chimelong International Forest Resort
Entrance plaza

A Record Breaking Aviary and Castle

The 3, 000 hectare phase 1 of the forest resort will be completed in three years. Its iconic 88 metre “Giraffe Castle” will become the tallest building inside a theme park in the world. Furthermore, the 5-hectare aviary (top image) will aslo be the world’s largest.

A “Forest Train” will take visitors through the resort , allowing them to get close to the animals . There will also be large-scale forest themed multi-media shows. With Giraffe Castle taking a central role, these will employ state-of-the-art audiovisual technology.  Finally, visitors to Qingyuan Chimelong International Forest Resort can also look forward to parades, a 5D theatre experience and a large-scale cartoon park.

The four-hotel cluster will house an international conference and exhibition centre.

Finally, a huge water park is also planned along the water boundary surrounding the Yinzhan zone.

Images Chimelong

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