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Theme parks: Tokyo DisneySea New Attraction – Toy Story Mania! Grand Opening on July 9, 2012


Tokyo Disney Resort® announced that a new attraction, called Toy Story Mania!, will open in the themed port of American Waterfront at Tokyo  DisneySea® on July 9, 2012.   Inspired by the Disney-Pixar Toy Story film series, this is  the first at Tokyo Disney Resort to incorporate 3-D visuals in a ride attraction.

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Toy Story Mania! will be located in Toyville Trolley Park, a new area themed to an  old-fashioned amusement park.   On entering, guests’ eyes will be drawn to the attraction’s giant landmark: an 8-meter-tall face of Woody.  Entering the attraction through Woody’s wide open mouth, guests will find themselves in Andy’s room strewn  with board games, puzzles and other toys.  But the toys all look gigantic because the  guests have “shrunk” to the size of toys.

Guests board a tram put on 3-D glasses and roll under Andy’s bed where the toys  have set up a carnival play set.  Joining in the fun, guests play the carnival games with all  their Toy Story friends—Woody, Buzz, Hamm, Rex and more.    From their trams (which are are 2-car ride vehicles) guests toss eggs, pop balloons, throw rings and play other games in the ride-through shooting  gallery.  Each tram displays the guest’s score, adding some competitive fun to this  interactive attraction.    The game rules are simple so that the entire family can have lots of  fun playing in the ever popular Toy Story world.
Attraction Facts

Duration: About 5 minutes
Tram capacity: 8 persons
Investment: About 11.5 billion yen
Peripheral facility: Slinky Dog’s Gift Trolley (merchandise shop)

Toy Story Mania! will be a Disney’s FASTPASS attraction.  

With the opening of this facility, the number of Tokyo DisneySea attractions will be 35.

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