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Themebuilders creates interactive theming for Wickie Splash Battle at Majaland Kownaty

Majaland Kownaty Themebuilders

Themebuilders Philippines Inc., a specialist in theme projects and design, has created interactive theming to bring the Wickie Splash Battle ride to life at Majaland Kownaty in Poland.

Themebuilders Philippines Inc. is pleased to announce that it has worked on a new theming project for Majaland Kownaty in Poland, creating eight interactive scenes for the park’s Wickie Splash Battle ride. Guests can now enjoy Wickie characters such as Faxe, Sven and Yivi, who are standing on rafts with colourful banners and shields.

Lagotronics Projects also helped to make the ride a memorable experience, using triggered animatronics and water features.

Themebuilders Majaland Kownaty

Fun theming

In addition to the Wickie characters, the company also produced other decorative elements to complete the ride experience, such as handpainted barrels, crates and other Viking elements throughout the attraction.

Themebuilders also recently provided theming for the DinoSplash ride at Holiday Park, a thrilling rapids ride that has now been revamped with life-sized dinosaurs which oversee the action as guests enjoy the experience.

Themebuilders Plesiosaurus with T-Rex

The company is a leader in the design and manufacture of highly-detailed themed environments, creating and installing bespoke items for a variety of attractions, as well as hotels, bars, restaurants and more.

Themebuilders also has a wide selection of ready-made themed items, from fun animals to pirates and cowboys. These durable and long-lasting themed objects can be purchased as individual items or as completed themed collections.

Earlier this year, Themebuilders revealed a new range of Christmas and farm-themed decorations, created for Santa’s Village, Bracebridge, Ontario. This popular Canadian attraction, the summer home of Santa, covers 60 acres and has been entertaining visitors for 65 years.

These new items highlight the venue’s holiday theme. Pieces created for this project include a custom Santa’s Farm Delivery food cart, alongside candy cane props, Santa and reindeer photo-ops, and more Christmas-themed items.

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