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Zamperla launches AR remote assistance service

Remote assistance Zamperla

Zamperla, a leading ride manufacturer, has launched the first augmented reality remote assistance service in the amusement rides manufacturing industry.

Zamperla is pleased to announce its new AR remote assistance service, which will enable it to continue providing quality customer care despite the current COVID-19 related social distancing measures and travel restrictions. The company is using augmented, mixed and virtual reality to give technician support and meet customer needs.

Now, its Ride Mechanical Supervisor can use Extended Collaboration software to give instructions on the assembly of Zamperla’s rides. The platform allows for direct sharing of audio, video, remote augmented reality interactions and document sharing.

Remote support

This new solution will help to raise safety standards, as well as improving the efficiency and quality of the tasks performed and cutting down on the time taken. It will also support technicians by increasing their knowledge and capabilities.

AR/MR/AR technology can be used by different types of devices. Zamperla’s remote assistance system allows users to share content in real-time through a variety of mediums. It means that support can be provided through the exchange of information, including overlay texts, graphics and multimedia, mixing digital and real-world content.

Zamperla remote assistance

“The idea of starting a remote assistance service with AR system, mixed and virtual was born initially in October 2019, as a project to support Zamperla’s technicians on the road,” says Roberto Dal Pozzolo, Zamperla’s Customer Service Director.

“The COVID-19 emergency, travel restrictions and the obligation of social distancing have led us to rethink the system as a guide device for the customer, for the assembly of Zamperla’s attractions.

“The service has been available since mid-April and, since then, we have carried out two testing experiences: the first one with a WindstarZ, installed in the Mandarin Plaza mall in Kyiv, Ukraine, and the second with a Jump Around, Jaderpark, Germany, providing remote assistance not only for the assembly of the attraction but also for the testing of the machine.

“We have reinvented ourselves, changing the original goal of the service and adapting it to our needs in order to start a business that will allow us to create a real-time service system combined with the sale. We are satisfied with these first tests, already two in a very short time, with the forecast of three more assists expected in the short term for attractions’ assembly in Russia, Canada/USA and the Philippines.”

At IAAPA Expo 2019 last November, Zamperla announced Galleon+, a new system which gamifies the classic pirate ship ride experience with the use of gesture control, a scream meter, sound system, AI and real-time data.

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