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4D Entertainment: d’strict officially launches ‘Live Park’


d’strict officially launches the 4D theme park ‘Live Park Season 1 – Noi Live’
– Showcased 4D entertainment season 1 ‘Noi Live’ as the world first on the 30th
– Attendants including Director Tsui Hark, KOCCA President Jae-woong Lee and the Singaporean Ambassador to Korea
– World premier to take place in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do in September targeting domestic international investors and media

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d’strict ( CEO: Choi Eun-seok), a company represented with a new industry called 4D entertainment, officially launched the 4D theme park ‘Live Park Season 1 – Noi Live’ at the CGV Stadium in Yeongdeungpo on the 30th.
At the press conference, d’strict, together with Director Tsui Hark, who had visited Korea to discuss strategic affiliation with d’strict, Vice President OOO of KOCCA (Korea Creative Content Agency) and IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) Chairman for Asia showcased Live Park, which had been produced with a total cost of KRW 10 billion over 2 years.  Other people attending are local and international government personnel, investors and key partners attended the event.
At the conference, Director Hark Tsui who attended this media conference said “This Live Park launching will be not just a simple output of Korean contents market. I am excited to cooperate with d’strict for creating the next episode.”

KOCCA Vice President OOO also expressed his expectations for the live park project, “I could visualize the future of Korea’s content business through the innovative challenge of d’strict.” 

The never-before-seen immersive 3D

d’strict is a Korean company that has secured a world-class media convergence technology through experimental application to a wide range of fields including performance, exhibition and game. The company introduces a new genre called ‘4D entertainment’. This is where participants create their own stories with avatars through immersive media, such as 3D, hologram and augmented reality that are applied with the elements of game, performance and installation art. ‘Live Park’ is a new platform that introduces ‘immersive 3D’ offering never-before-experienced realistic sensations and 4D contents that maximize users’ immersion level.
Developed by combing strengths of various genres, such as game, performance and exhibition, Live Park has 18 story lines that are based on immersive media. The key feature of Live Park is that the viewers can enjoy a wide range of adventures through their avatars in hyper-reality space.  While the conventional 4D confined users’ experiences to feeling the wind or shaking of their chairs while watching 3D images, Live Park allows viewers to create personalized avatars and to play as entities of the contents through their avatars and therefore to enjoy differentiated experiences in mysterious hyper-reality space.
In particular, Live Park Season 1 Noi Live is designed for viewers to enjoy all attractions through Noi, the personalized avatar.  Created to reflect facial features of a user, Noi recognizes viewer’s motions and imitates them on a hyper-reality space, allowing viewers to be more immersed in the experience.
Live Park provides a variety of other 4D contents, such as adventure (game & performance), hyper facade and AR, which are composite experience-type contents, exhibition applied with immersive technology and concert (performance) for which hologram, 3D and immersive technology are applied. As such, Live Park offers innovative never-before-available 4D experiences through the individually specialized solutions.
In particular, the syno star hologram technology of Live Park was used for stage setting of 2NE1’s concert that ended in great success recently and was highly praised by the audience. 2NE1 from YG Entertainment, which has concluded a business affiliation with d’strict, sent their congratulations for the launching of Live Park at the press conference. As a part of collaboration between Live Park and local and international artists, the 2NE1 hologram performance will be available in Live Park from December.

Live Park World Premier in September for overseas investors and media

Having completed Live Factory, a facility for demonstration of Live Park, over a site of approx. 10, 000m2 in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, d’strict plans to hold the World Premier in September targeting overseas investors, media and VIPs.
“With a dream to create live space by converging media and space and to realize moving of the space time, we put our efforts together and showcased the new, never-before-seen 4D contents platform, ” said CEO Choi Eun-seok of d’strict. “We anticipate that Live Park will open a new horizon for cultural contents through digital games staged over a large area of approx. 10, 000m2 in which users travel between virtual and real spaces with their avatars.”


Live Mobile: A controller of space game for multi users with Smartphone.  It is ‘Private multi touch Smartphone controller’ with which people can enjoy various games with others on or off line.

Live station: A game where audience can draw an abstract painting of their own smiling face.  Audience can take photographs of their own smile and using smile mural create an abstract painting. Photographed by the big wall or mobile phone, the smile can be posted in diverse ways to the supersized wall of Live Park. All of these paintings are posted and create a huge mural.

Live Miro: A stereoscopic picture game where two people can move together It has 3D virtual space game where 2 people can move together, explore,
and augment reality music with a composing game. Body Tracker recognizes 24 joints of the person in front of the 3D camera in real time, and delivers 3D pictures in virtual space through polarized glasses.

Live Capsule: Robotic Art Installation: response to user’s motion 900 capsules interact with user’ s body gesture. 

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