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Cashless Family Entertainment Centres: Coin Tech’s Releases Revolutionize IAAPA Show & Entertainment Industry


A new concept in redemption has arrived     

Coin Tech who has developed Game System, a leading edge cashless management technology for leisure venues of all sizes, such as Family Entertainment Center, theme parks, museums, and attractions has successfully released some innovating products at IAAPA Tradeshow 2009 that are revolutionizing the amusement Industry.

TICKET JACKPOT is a whole new way to raise your incomes more than your best redemption game. From now on operators will be able to create their own Redemption Jackpots based on the payout tickets delivered by the redemption game. With this amazing application operators also will be able to set up the minimum jackpot  and jackpot feed percentage, the number of simultaneous jackpots, the type of customer it is offered, the day and time to hit the jackpot, and many other features. Moreover, it will allow operators to attract more customers in the off-peak hours, creating expectation and bringing smiles and joy to their customers.

“Ticket Jackpot has boosted a 25% our games revenues”, agreed all the operators who have tested the new Coin Tech feature. “Since it is a great attraction for our FEC, we have a new exciting way to generate expectation on our customers and of course we are benefited from this new competitive advantage”. 

Daniel Fabrizi, owner of Coin Tech, stated to all the operators who visited their IAAPA booth, “If you are the kind of company who thinks that innovation "matters" for the business, then TICKET JACKPOT is for you. It is a tool that no one can provide you; the best investment ever

EXPERIENCE card swipe was another great product which hit at IAAPA Tradeshow. Experience is a new generation of debit card swipe which combines a large high definition LCD display, bright color leds, and a greater information volume; resulting in a new level of customer interaction. Now, customizing your FEC is as easy as a blink of an eye.

About Coin Tech

Since 1992 we have been developing and improving a debit card system for FECs called Game System®. This cashless solution composed of a suite of products like Corporate System (centralized operation), Redemption System, POS System (food, beverage, retail, ticketing, etc.), Party Package (Events planning and reservation module), etc.

Operators all over the world are using the Game System’s effective and unique marketing tools that lead their operation to success; Loyalty program, Birthday mailing, Bonus, Bonus +, Redemption e-Tickets, Game-Time, Credit-Combo, Electronic Money, Gift Cards, etc.

Wireless communication, state-of-the-art technology and unsurpassable support service makes Game System the cashless system leader in the amusement industry.

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