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Family Adventure: Kelly Tarlton’s Shark Cage


Face the oceans fiercest predators inside Kelly Tarlton’s all-new Shark Cage

Plunge into New Zealand’s newest adrenalin attraction and get up-close to the oceans’ most feared predators when you dare to enter Kelly Tarlton’s Shark Cage!

For the first time, adventure seekers can experience the heart-pounding awe of coming face-toface with the inhabitants of Kelly Tarlton’s predator tank from the safety of a submerged cage.

This brand new animal adventure has been specifically designed to deliver underwater exhilaration without the need to have diving experience or  equipment. Plus, because the Shark Cage is partially submerged in Kelly Tarlton’s predator tank – home to School, Wobbegong and Broadnose Sevengill sharks as well as Short-Tailed stingray and other fish from New Zealand’s coastal waters – you’re guaranteed to have a close encounter of the shark kind, every time.

“With Kelly Tarlton’s Shark Cage you don’t need a dive ticket, expensive equipment or a whole lot of time – you only need a sense of adventure and some courage!” says Kelly Tarlton’s Operations Manager James Thomas.

Would be shark tamers need to be in quick though. Each Shark Cage plunge is limited to six participants (to guarantee an intimate and personal experience) and the activity is strictly summer fun, running five times a day, Wednesday to Sunday, from January 20th through to March 28th – miss out and you’ll have to wait until next summer.

The experience takes around 50 minutes – 15 of which are spent snorkelling with the sharks.

Prior to taking the plunge participants will get a behind the scenes peak at Kelly Tarlton’s before being briefed and suited up. They only need to bring togs and a towel (and wear covered footwear) and everything else (spring suit, booties, mask and snorkel) is provided(1).

Once in the Shark Cage the adventure truly begins. Sharks and stingrays glide past the mesh walls of the cage in all directions – often only feet away. Through the cage’s clear Perspex bottom you can see more sharks swimming below as well as visitors gazing up at you in awe from the moving platform in Kelly Tarlton’s iconic tunnels. The Shark Cage floats and moves around the predator tank without the need for you to do anything other than gaze in wonder.

The adventure is hosted by experienced Kelly Tarlton’s crew who have a passion for, and a unique understanding of, the sharks. They have a wealth of knowledge to share and a focus on conservation – so you know you (and the sharks) are in good hands.

To celebrate the launch of Shark Cage Kelly Tarlton’s is running a special introductory offer of $49 a plunge, which includes bonus admission into Kelly Tarlton’s afterwards so you can check out the Antarctic Encounter, Stingray Bay, the Oceanarium, Fish Alley and of course the Predator Tank from below.

With limited places available bookings are essential and can be made online at or by telephoning reservations on +64 9 531 5065 or 0800 80 50 50.

(1) For safety reasons participants must also be 130 cm or taller. All participants must read and agree to the terms and conditions for the program (available at

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