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25 million people visit BIAZA zoos and aquariums every year


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red eyed tree frog zoo and aquarium studyAccording to figures from 2010, 25 million people (more than a third of the UK population) visit BIAZA zoos and aquariums every year and more than 1, 200, 000 of these people do so during an educational visit.

Over 600 research projects are carried out and BIAZA members support over 700 field conservation projects contributing over £11 million per year. ?There are also a wide range of social benefits arising from the activities of zoos, which make an even stronger case for greater investment in this important area of activity. These include links with higher education in terms of training and research, the inculcation of knowledge of the animal world, the promotion of sustainable forms of living and outreach to all sectors of society.

Key findings of this report, based on the 102  zoos and aquarium members of BIAZA, are as follows:

•    When indirect and induced effects are added to the direct outputs of zoos as measured through the purchase of goods and services, they contribute some £645mn in total activity;

•    As significant visitor attractions, the spending by tourists in zoos of some £246mn is enhanced by associated spending off-site in the region of £198mn; and

•    Using employment multipliers, it is possible to calculate that, whilst direct employment by zoos in 2008 was 6, 751 FTEs, indirect and induced effects increase that number to some 11, 007 across

While deriving the economic impact of the British zoos and aquariums is the focus of this report the economic impact of zoos in other areas of the world is also noted here.  For instance, AZA members in the USA have been included.

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