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A look at OLC’s IR Presentation and Fact Book for Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea

tokyo Disneyland

tokyo Disneyland

Did you know that Oriental Land’s (Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea) market share of the domestic theme park market is approximately 50 percent? Or, that the 5-year anniversary celebrations are responsible for a jump in attendance?

If not, look no further than the following two documents: Oriental Land Co.’s Annual Presentation Materials and OLC’s Annual Factbook.

Skimming through Oriental Land Co’s Annual Presentation Materials makes me feel like I have just won the data lottery. This document not only has detailed information on the Business Overview (operations and performance) of Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea, but a large section of the report is dedicated to the 2013 Medium-Term Plan, which ends in March 2014.

Of all the fantastic statistical data that can be found in this report, Trend in Theme Park Attendance is one graph I appreciate most. This graph looks at annual attendance over the years and how these numbers correlate with key events, such as anniversaries or park opening. Changes in ticket price over the various years are also provided.

OLC Theme Park Attendance Trends 2013

It’s interesting to note how each of the five-year anniversary celebrations are key to the attendance growth.

While not illustrated in this Blog, the annual presentation materials also include details on the following:

  • Breakdown of Guests by Region (Note: Guests from Tokyo Metropolitan area make up about 70 percent of the theme park attendance);
  • Breakdown of Guests by Age (Note: Approximately 50 percent of attendance is comprised of adults aged 18 to 39);
  • Theme Park Segment Results for FY Ended 3/13 (A? billion) was 329.8 and October Forecast for FY Ending 3/14 (A? billion) is 378.7; and
  • Operating Income (Note: Operating income is estimated to hit a new record for the sixth consecutive year)

The other document mentioned is Oriental Land’s Annual Factbook. Excluding the Medium-Term Plan, much of the same information contained in the reference document is found here. However, perhaps my favorite graphs of all ‘ Annual Attendance and New Attractions/Shows are available only here. The graph for Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea (pages 10 and 11) illustrates how attendance has been affected by new attractions and shows since 1984. This illustration is followed by two charts – one showing the one-day adult ticket price and the other showing the length of stay.

OLC attendance and with new attractions


OLC Factbook attendance v new attractions

I realize that factors other than key anniversary celebrations or new attractions and shows that play a part in the overall attendance picture, however, I do find these graphs rather interesting.

While this blog has given me the opportunity of pointing out the graphs and charts I find the most interesting, please feel free to take a look at the attached links for the complete reports.

For OLC’s Reference Document, 2013, read more here: and OLCs Fact Book, 2013, is available here:

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