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Happy Eating at Dutch Amusement Parks


By Greg Van Gompel

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 (see  Dutch Amusement Parks are Safer ) Of course the Authority reserves the right to visit these parks if something serious should happen.  For the other 16 amusement parks that the nVWA visits, they still remain on the Authority’s normal schedule of annual visits but at least they now have a precedent established that if they continue with a good safety record, they too may be visited less often.  The article went on to say that in the field of food and drinks, seven of the parks will be rarely seen by the nVWA.

 I’m sure a number of food and beverage managers in the industry are reading this fact with a twinge of jealousy, while others are just applauding the Food Safety Authority and the government of the Netherlands.  A government regulatory agency has decided to focus its attention on those entities whose performance merits regular monitoring while extending an incentive to the those entities that if their performance maintains high levels of compliance, they may also earn a break from a more rigorous compliance format.  Such thinking is a great win-win for everyone.  The people of the Netherlands through their government are insured quality products at the parks they visit while knowing that the Authority is focusing more of its efforts on those entities who need assistance in complying with established standards.  As for the parks, they get a reprieve for the hassles of annual compliance and can continue providing the excellent quality of food and beverage that they have always provided.

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