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Holograms and “Gamification” Raising the Bar for Theme Parks


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It seems incredible that we will have games that can recognise us as individuals and interpret our emotions, however a recent article in the Observer sets out even more amazing advances that are just around the corner.  Challenges and opportunities lie ahead for out of home entertainment…..

Whilst 3D cinema, TV and gaming and 5D attractions are currently enjoying a surge of popularity, the stumbling block to world domination has been the need to wear 3D glasses.  This is set to change, however, with  Nintendo due to launch a glasses-free DS console in 2011.  Underway are the creation of 3D holograms that can interact physically with the user;  Sony have already exhibited a demonstration model of a 3D hologram which responds to viewers hand movements.  Researchers at Tokyo University are taking the next step: by using ultrasonic waves users are able to feel 3D holographic characters running on their hands or touch raindrops.

As we move to deeper physical immersion in gaming, advances are already being made in mental interaction.  NeuroSky’s current NeuroBoy game uses electroencephalography (EEG) to monitor and interpret brainwave patterns via a headset.  This allows users to levitate on screen objects by relaxing, or to set them on fire by concentrating hard!  Future developments will maximise the individual’s enjoyment of the gaming experience by reading thoughts and biometric signs and tailor the action accordingly.

Further down the road we’re promised even more all encompassing “gamification”, where reality will be augmented to such an extent that every part of our lives will have an element of gaming.   From shopping to tax returns we’ll be able to transform mundane tasks into dragon slaying adventures. 

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Rachel Reed

Rachel Read

Rachel is Finance Director. She has a degree in engineering from Cambridge University and qualified as a Chartered Accountant at Deloittes in London. She worked in finance in industry for twenty years. She oversees our news and also manages our events.

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