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Report from the annual Halloween & Attractions Show


 by Mark Plattner.

The show hosted a wide spectrum of vendors. They ranged from the light, traditional Halloween fare of Jack-O-Lanterns and bats, to the most horrific, ground-shaking, corpse-stenched, maggot dropping, blood spraying, rotting-teenager-in-the-basement "Haunts" out there.

The outer circle of Hell is made up of innocuous cornfields. Beware the thing that lurks in the rows (


Who knew that the inner vestibule would house such lovely artwork? (

We are greeted by some weird demons from Scare Products ( They want to be our friends.

Luckily they got their pets caged up ( Or maybe not (…

Alessandra receives a proposal she feels she has to refuse.

Having said "No, " to her perfect match, Alessandra is emotionally exhausted and needs a rest, but with unexpected results.

We see sights to make us gibber and flee (

Cerberus wont let us leave (

I meet Cthulhu (

and am transformed (

Alessandra comes to a decidedly sticky end (

But who is taking the pictures (

The end…

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