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The IAAPA Attractions Expo 2010: It’s a Small World


By Katie Bruno

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I took a rather winding path to end up in the Amusement industry.   I worked at an amusement park as a teenager.  Almost everyone in my hometown worked at Geauga Lake or Sea World in the late seventies and early eighties.  My husband even had a stint as “Geauga Dog”.

But then we all went off to college and studied feverishly in our multiple chosen fields.  I was born a science geek and eventually went to graduate school in Polymer Science.  While there, I was part of a very small class of serious scientific students all looking forward to making the next great leap in materials science and changing the world.

Most of my colleagues have gone on to do important work in such diverse fields as space exploration, medical devices and fuel cells.   However,   I decided to spend a few years at home with my children while they were small before jumping into my quest for the Nobel Prize.

While home, in order to keep my sanity, I started doing a little work in the emerging new technology of the web.  That search for sanity led to the current insanity of my job as director of a company that specializes in website design for the amusement and attraction industry.

So now my life revolves around amusement parks and waterparks and family entertainment centers and the IAAPA show is a no brainer.  We go every year and love it.  I must admit it is a little more fun than the scientific meetings I used to attend.

But HERE is the interesting part…

I do the “LinkedIn” thing of course.  As a professional, especially a web professional, it is an important for me to be involved in social media and I enjoy keeping up with my colleagues and what they are doing.  Recently an old classmate of mine from Polymer Science, Allan Jones, touched base.  And lo and behold…he is going to be at IAAPA!

Allan is founder and CEO of a company that makes these cool kiosks where a robotic arm will make your ice cream sundae for you.  I guess “robotic arm” makes is a little scientific!  Allan did his time in polymer research before coming into this new venture, but just like me he was somehow drawn into this amazing industry.

So I guess, either it is a really small world or no matter what field you choose for a career, ultimately we will all end up working in amusement and attractions.   Looking forward to seeing you at the show Allan!

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