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Theme Park Sponsorship Case Studies from Merlin

Thorpe Park SAW the ride

Thorpe Park SAW the ride

Following my recent blog about theme park sponsorship I wanted to call your attention to a site that I found particularly interesting due to the amount and type of information (i.e. ridership; amount of photos sold; etc.) available.

A few years back, and still available on the web, Merlin had had a webpage that dealt with “Sponsorship in the UK / Brand Activation.” At this time, Merlin provided case studies and sponsorship opportunities for several of its attractions. I have taken the liberty of showing a few of them below. If you’re interested in seeing others, please let me know.

Case Studies included:

Merlin Entertainments Sponsorship SAW


Merlin Entertainments Sponsorship Cussons

Sponsorship opportunities that existed at the time included:

Merlin Entertainments Sponsorship Queue Line Tv

Please let me know if you’ve come across other websites with good information on sponsorships. Thank you for anything you might suggest.


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