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American Wave Machines SurfStream for Qizibay Grand New Century Resort, China


American Wave Machines, the world’s leading wave pool, surf park, and wave technology company producing authentic surf experiences, has announced that the Hainan Qizibay Grand New Century Resort will feature one of their SurfStream standing wave machines.  

Hainan, known as the Hawaii of China, has an active surfing population as well as being popular with surf tourists and is a stop on the WSL and ISA surf tours.  The world class left point break at Riyue Bay hosts Hainan’s International Surfing Festival.

The superior experience of SurfStream was a natural fit for Qizibay’s Grand New Century Resort which is scheduled to open in Hainan, China in September, 2015.  American Wave Machines’ technology allows surfers to ride real surfboards and experience genuine surfing out of the ocean as well as body boarding, and body surfing. This will be the first resort in Southeast Asia to include a deep water standing wave machine.

American Wave Machines’ SurfStream® Debuts at Qizibay Grand New Century Resort,  China

Commenting on the announcement, Robert Reynolds, American Wave Machines COO, said, “Hainan Qizibay Grand New Century Resort in Hainan is the perfect location to introduce this unique experience and technology in China.  The resorts clientele will be surrounded by some of the best amenities in the world, and our SurfStream® will be one of the highlights of the trip for families and surfers alike.

“Surfing and high-quality wave machines appeal to a broad demographic spectrum. The crowds that have been drawn to ride a SurfStream or watch others have been overwhelming in every setting so far. This will be another great location and we are excited to bring a unique and desired experience to a unique and desired resort.”

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