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AWM Acknowledged as a Front Runner in the Race for the Perfect Wave


Bruce McFarland, founder of American Wave Machines, has featured in a leading article about the advancements in the field of artificial wave technology.

McFarland demonstrated the science behind the company’s surf pool, PerfectSwell®, which creates peeling, barrelling or ‘mushy’ waves ‘at the push of a button’.

“He presses a button, there’s a loud whoosh of air, a ka-chunk, and a perfectly formed wave emerges, ” reports Adam Piore, journalist and author, in his article ‘The Perfect Wave is Coming’.

This achievement is acknowledged as no mean feat given all the factors involved including ‘the inherent temperature of the water, the ambient temperature of air, gravity, air pressure, elevation, the internal friction associated with water viscosity, and the space and boundaries that enclose the wave pool itself’.

American Wave Machines, founded in 2000, delivers both standing waves and surf pool experiences that can be enjoyed in by surfers of all abilities.

PerfectSwell® is the first surf pool system capable of creating an authentic surfing experience that delivers 100% real ocean dynamics found in nature.

SurfStream® is the world’s first standing wave machine that delivers a deep water stationary surfing experience (on real surfboards) that is scaleable to a variety of situations.

Since 2007, surfers have enjoyed over 3 million sessions at American Wave Machines locations across the globe.

(Main images shows American Wave Machines patented multi-wave sets US 8, 434, 966; 9, 279, 263; 7, 815, 396)

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