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Intamin showcases four new products

Intamin Overdrive Hot Racer

Intamin, the creator of record-breaking amusement rides, has introduced four products: the Hot Racer, Vertical LSM, Giga Splash and Ultra Splash to the wider industry.

After a positive response from select clients, Intamin has announced more information to showcase the new rides to the public.

The Hot Racer

The Hot Racer is versatile, as it can have a single, multi or swing launch sequence. It can support a racing or duelling layout depending on what the operator requires. It can also be built with or without inversions.

Riders will be thrilled by the close-to-ground manoeuvres. The Hot Racer features friction wheels propulsion. The ride capacity can change based on the design of the track, from 8 to 9 people per train. Intamin can also create different vehicle designs.

The Vertical LSM Coaster

Intamin Vertical LSM Coaster

This is the most compact launch coaster in the world, with the strongest launch on the market. This coaster features forward-backwards launches and can have numerous inversions within a single or a double cycle.

The total height can be either 28 metres or 47 metres, and the maximum speed is 82km/h or 104km/h depending on the model. Each train has a capacity of 12, resulting in an hourly capacity of 540pph. The physical length of the track is either 256 or 280 metres, with the experience length of the track 690 metres and 576 metres respectively.

Intamin is able to make the Vertical LSM Coaster higher, longer and faster upon request.

The Giga Splash

Intamin Giga Splash ride

Intamin’s Giga Splash features a vertical rotating lift for a thrilling ride. This lift takes riders to a height of 50 metres before they are dropped at an angle of 87° to a splash-down landing. Interactive water features can be added, such as water bombs and water jets. The maximum speed is 100km/h.

Each boat can hold 24 passengers, and the ride can accommodate three boats, leading to an hourly capacity of 1016pph. The boat designs can be changed.

The ride also features airtime hump and magnetic brakes for deceleration and a flexible layout.

The Ultra Splash

Intamin Ultra Splash

Using a shuttle-style design, the Ultra Splash uses an LSM powered forward-backwards launch. There are three launches in the Ultra Splash. Using 24-passenger boats, the ride has a maximum speed of 94 km/h and ends in a splash landing.

The ride supports one boat at a time, leading to 864pph capacity. Interactive water features such as water bombs and water jets can be added to enhance the theming of the ride. The physical track length is 166m, but the experience length is 523 metres.

Intamin has a long history of innovation, most recently winnings an IAAPA Brass Ring Award for its Dueling Dragons ride in November 2019.

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