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Laguna Beach to Host First Surf Park Summit


Surf Park Central is excited to announce Surf Park Summit, the industry’s first collaboration to accelerate the future of sustainable surfing outside of the ocean, on Friday, September 13th at Seven Degrees in Laguna Beach, CA.

Hosted by Surf Park Central and San Diego State University’s Center for Surf Research, the Summit is guaranteed to break boundaries and be a statement of impending disruption in the surf and attractions industry.

The goal of the Summit it to help build authentic, sustainable and profitable surf experiences to grow the surf industry and provide the mental, physical and emotional stoke of surfing to those that do not have access to the ocean. To do this, the event will gather the industry’s top minds including, surf park developers, investors, suppliers, academics and athletes to discuss the opportunities and challenges related to the development of man-made surf parks.

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“We want anyone who’s in a position to make an impact and who’s passionate about being an industry leader at the Summit. Success for us means two things happen: First, at least one surf park is developed as a result of the connections that are made at the event. Second, we want current developers, suppliers and investors to be able to make more informed decisions because of the knowledge and information that is presented during the Summit. We are doing everything to reach our goal and are carefully grooming every request for invitation to ensure each attendee has the ability to contribute to the industry.” – Matt Reilly, Director of Marketing & Operations of Surf Park Central.

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With speakers and exclusive interviews from Fernando Aguerre (International Surfing Association), Doug Palladini (Vans), Chad Nelson (Surfrider), Dr. Jess Ponting (Director of SDSU’s Center for Surf Research), Bruce McFarland (American Wave Machines), Jamie Meiselman (Surf Parks LLC), Tom Lochtefeld (Wave Loch), Greg Webber (Webber Wave Pools), Chris Sutton (Select Contracts) and more to come, Summit topics will include state of wave technology, surf park economics & business models, surf tourism, sustainability, the development of surf culture in non-coastal regions, and several more.

“Surf Parks are the key to making surfing a mainstream, commercially sustainable sport and to promoting surfing as an iconic lifestyle that transcends all nationalities and cultures, ” says Surf Park Central Founder John Luff. “Surf parks are the answer to several of the big barriers between where the surf industry is now and where the industry has the potential to go. With such a small core surf market when compared to the aspirational customer base of most surf related companies, there’s a massive void that needs to be filled.”

Surf Park Central and SDSU’s Center for Surf Research are confident that Surf Park Summit is the first step in building a healthy, informed industry and are proud to host the event.

If you are just as charged to make major waves in the industry, please request an invitation at

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