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‘Live Park’, World’s First 4D Avatar Theme Park, Success In Korea


The future of theme parks is here today: 4D avatar technology previously only imagined in movies becomes reality, as new media entertainment company d’strict present the ‘Live Park 4D World Tour’ at the KINTEX in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, Korea.  d’strict CEO Choi Eun-seok says, “’Live Park’ is d’strict’s grand challenge for the world’s entertainment market.” 

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4D Avatar Theme Park a Reality Now

The age of the passive theme park attraction has gone.  Today two year olds play Xbox games; the silver generation own i-pads and consumers of all ages expect the latest interactive technology across all areas of entertainment.   The ‘Live Park’4D is a new genre of theme park that pushes the limits of future entertainment.  

‘Live Park’ enables visitors to experience a virtual world previously only seen in movies like ‘Minority Report’ and ‘Avatar’.  Mixed reality architecture allows the visitor to create an avatar and become the main character in a unique adventure.  With interactive game elements as well as installation art, the visitor creates their own story in augmented reality. 

The 10, 000 sq meter space represents an investment of $13 million over 2 years and can accommodate up to 3, 000 visitors at any one time or 10, 000 visitors a day.   Open to the public since December 2011, the ‘Live Park 4D World Tour’ has been such a success that d’strict plan to extend the Season 1 Tour at KINTEX.

The ‘Live Park’Create your own avatar at Live Park,  d'strict's 4D Interactive Kinect Powered Theme Park

‘Live Park’ is composed of 65 attractions over 7 thematic stages and uses  state of the art 3D video, holograms and augmented reality technology to create a seamless story.  Visitors and their avatars move through the theme park’s stages interacting with the attractions using RFID wristbands and kinect sensors to recognize their gestures, voices and faces.  Highlights include:

  • The ‘Ender Mirror’– visitors create their own look-alike avatar and take photos by laughing at a mirror loaded with a ‘smile engine’. 
  • ‘Live360’– the world’s biggest interactive 360 degree stereoscopic theatre.  Shouting and running together alongside their avatars, visitors can directly experience a realistic video game with multiple story endings in a huge space.

360 Degree Cinema at Live Park,  d'strict's 4D Avatar Kinect Powered Theme Park

  • ‘Live Square’ – allows visitors to enjoy the world’s most advanced avatar game in the world’s largest interactive projection square stretching over 150 meters.

World's Largest Projection Square at Live Park,  d'strict's 4D Avatar Kinect Powered Theme Park

  • ‘Live Holo’ – holograms created by a collaboration between d’strict and domestic and overseas artists including David Garrett, Boxer Rebellion and 2NE1.Experience 4D Art at Live Park,  ds'trict's Avatar Kinect Powered Theme Park
  • ‘Syno Star Performance’ – visitors perform with their avatars in augmented reality on the hologram stage.
  • ‘Mega Live Event’ – ‘Live Park’ is transformed into an evening entertainment venue providing unconventional performances, events and exhibitions in co-operation with top Rave DJs, artists, clubs, brands and fashion magazines.

The Future

d’strict are looking to expand overseas by licensing ‘Live Park’ to potential partners, and already have plans to create permanent facilities for ‘Live Park’ in China and Singapore.  In addition, the company has been selected as a preferred bidder for a $1 billion multi-purpose theme park resort due to open in 2015 within the Asian region.

Bryan Lee, Live Park North America General Manager says, “d’strict is under MOU with a Hollywood entertainment powerhouse and their global IP to develop a themed entertainment destination in Las Vegas and L.A. area.  An official announcement is expected in March in L.A regarding the US license.”  He continues, “Last year James Cameron announced plans for an ‘Avatar’ themed land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom to begin construction in 2013.  With ‘Live Park’, Touch screen technology at Live Park,  d'strict's 4D Avatar Kinect Powered Theme Park d’strict have created a 4D avatar theme park that’s here today! ”

About d’strict:

Founded in 2000, d’strict has become one of the world’s leading 4D creative companies.  Based in New York and Seoul, d’strict has been creating revolutionary, award winning UX products and solutions by bringing together next generation technologies such as gesture and sound sensing, motion capture and vision processing, as well as multi-touch interfaces with future display, R&D outputs including 3D holographic movies, stereoscopic 3D motion video, architectural display and dome displays.

d’strict is the sole distributer, developer, producer, and presenter of the ‘Live Park’ global service, a game changing theme park and entertainment platform in which visitors can physically participate and interact with various 4D adventure platforms.

Panoramaic view of 65 attractions at Live Park,  d'strict's 4D Avatar Kinect Powered Theme Park

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