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Polin applauds success of Qizibay Grand New Century Resort

Qizibay Grand New Century Resort Polin

The luxurious Qizibay Grand New Century Resort in South China puts much of its resounding success down to Polin Waterparks’ rides, attractions and play products.

As Qizibay Grand New Century Resort comes up to its second anniversary, tourists are flocking to the resort’s winning range of Polin slides and attractions.

The luxury resort is situated along the Hainan coast, one of South China’s most popular tourist destinations.

The hotel opened in May 2016, followed by the 27,500 square metre waterpark in July 2016.  The resort is operated by New Century Tourism Group – China’s largest independent operator of luxury hotels.

Qizibay’s management team were impressed by the sheer quality and engineering expertise of Polin’s products.  In particular they liked the company’s unique translucent waterslide components, patented Natural Light Effects and Special Pattern Effects technologies.

The waterpark includes several Polin hybrid rides, offering riders exciting slide paths and unexpected G-force changes. Polin’s Super Combo is an award-winning waterslide possessing five different slide paths.  Polin’s Sphere, Space Boat, Uphill Flying Boats, Navigatour, Black Hole,  Blackhole-Turbolance Combo, Blackhole-Rafting Combo, Compact Slide and Wide Slide are also key attractions.

Young guests aren’t forgotten with a wide range of attractions.  These include a Water Playstructure, Kids Freefall, Kids Slide, Octopus Slide, Mini Pirate Slide, Cobra Slide, Frog Slide, Clown Shower, Mushroom, and Dolphin Fountain.

The resort also has a SurfStream standing wave machine, designed by American Wave Machines. It allows surfers to experience surfing, body boarding and body surfing outside of the ocean. This is the first installation of a SurfStream in Southeast Asia.

Hainan is the smallest and southernmost Chinese province.  The island is home to many rivers yet it has very few natural lakes. This, combined with its warm, subtropical climate, makes the luxury waterpark deeply appealing to both residents and tourists.

Polin Waterparks was founded in Istanbul in 1976.  It is now a world leader in the design, production and installation of waterparks, waterslides and water-play attractions. The company has completed 3,000 waterpark projects in 103 countries around the world and is the biggest waterslide supplier in Eurasia.

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