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Ste. Genevieve destination water park will be “worth visiting”

proposals for ste. genevieve water park

County Leaders at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, have settled on a water park proposal for the city. 

Ste. Genevieve County commissioners, Ste. Genevieve County Community Center director Brad Arnold, the community center board members and community center staff have agreed that they are determined to ensure the destination water park  will be well worth visiting. It will be built across Progress Parkway from the community center.

Consultants Counsilman-Hunsaker proposed three options for the water park. The County Commission have chosen the third option – the most expansive of the three – following suggestion from the community center board.

Features include a 4,409- square-foot leisure pool for younger children, with a “zero entry” side for safe entry, a 4,232-square-foot leisure pool for older children and adults and a 3,150-square-foot competitive pool with diving board.

The three pools are separate bodies of water.

The Ste. Genevieve Herald reports that Brad Arnold said: “Part of the reason we like this option, more than [option] 1 and [option] 2 was the multiple bodies of water. By breaking it up into three bodies of water, if you have a malfunction or a breakdown or somebody has an accident, you can just isolate that part of the park and shut it down. You don’t have to shut the whole park down.”

A key feature of option 3 was the “lazy river.” It will be a moving current circling the youth/adult leisure pool.

Arnold explained: “One of the things we really liked about option 3 is this lazy river feature. I think we would like to see it bigger in the next mock-up. That was one of the things, in visiting some of the other parks and talking to some of the other people, and some of the feedback we got from the public, the lazy river was a pretty big component.”

Garry Nelson, Ste. Genevieve County Presiding Commissioner, said of the developments: “If you’re going to spend $6.9 million on it, you may as well spend another $1.5 million and do it right.”

Image courtesy of Counsilman-Hunsaker

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