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Vortex International’s Water Journey Wins Most Valuable Product Award


Vortex International, world leader in aquatic play solutions, has scooped a Most Valuable Product award for its Water Journey.

This is the company’s second consecutive MVP award, as voted by readers of Aquatics International Magazine.

Water Journey has been designed to imitate the behaviour of a natural stream, providing an interactive and educational experience for children.

“With Water Journey, we allow users to engage with different life-like stream behaviour as water encounters creeks, flood plains, ripples and cascades, ” explains Vortex President and CEO, Stephen Hamelin. “Users can manipulate and coordinate many game features that encourage imaginative play.”

Another benefit is the shallowness of the water, allowing children to play without necessarily getting wet.

Water Journey was one of 25 top pool projects voted for by readers of Aquatics International Magazine. Last year, Vortex won an MVP award for its Watermark product which creates patterns and words by manipulating the flow of water.

“Since the beginning, Vortex has emphasized the need to innovate and push the boundaries of design when it comes to aquatic play experiences, ” adds Hamelin.

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