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WhiteWater announces corporate-wide sustainability commitment

The company aims to be a driver of change in the industry

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WhiteWater, a leading waterpark manufacturer, has announced an ambitious corporate-wide commitment to the implementation of more sustainable environmental practices. This will incorporate all of the company’s operations and products, as well as those of its suppliers. By setting new waste and carbon footprint goals for the next two decades, WhiteWater wants to be a driver of change in the industry.

This focus on sustainability is not new for the company. Many of its products are designed to improve water and energy savings, such as risers that guard against splash, run-out lanes with wave catchers and its award-winning Smart Blast technology. This reduces water and energy usage by using variable frequency drives (VFDs) to dynamically adjust pump speeds.

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A structured approach

Now, as it celebrates 40 years in the business, WhiteWater is urging everyone in the industry to make sustainability a priority. All areas of the company are involved in this renewed commitment, from design and procurement to manufacturing and marketing, and all team members are invited to submit ideas to its sustainability committee.

The company has introduced a Sustainability Scorecard which looks at four areas: Corporate, Manufacturing and Supply Chain, Parks and Products, and Social Responsibility. Each of these will be headed by a passionate and knowledgeable staff sub-committee and the Scorecard will hold the company accountable.

Sustainability must be a priority

Paul Chutter_WhiteWater
Paul Chutter

Firstly, the Corporate aspect of the Sustainability Scorecard will encompass day-to-day operations, as WhiteWater works towards achieving ISO 14001 standards for waste reduction and environmental management by 2025. Meanwhile, when it comes to Manufacturing and Supply Chain, the company’s goal is to halve its waste by 2030 and become “net zero” by 2040.

The Parks and Products area of the Sustainability Scorecard will help WhiteWater’s customers work towards climate neutrality, while the Social Responsibility area will see it donate 1% of its corporate profits to water-focused NGOs. In addition to this, it will also encourage employees to engage in social responsibility and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

“The time has come for all business leaders to confront sustainability issues head-on,” says Paul Chutter, WhiteWater President. “As the industry’s leading manufacturer, WhiteWater needs to advocate environmentally friendly practices, starting with ourselves, and up and down the value chain. With the climate in crisis, we need to make sustainable changes a priority.

“We are taking the initiative not just because our clients, their guests, our employees, and new regulations will demand it, but because it is the right thing to do.

“This needs to be more than a conversation. We need to put our minds together to create a more sustainable attractions industry. Creating fun today cannot borrow from tomorrow.”

Last month, WhiteWater and its inland surf arm, Endless Surf, announced their involvement in the newly approved SURFTOWN MUC (Munich), which begins construction this fall.

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