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LA Zoo launches ambitious 5-year conservation plan

The Los Angeles Zoo has launched an ambitious conservation plan to preserve biodiversity in LA and around the world through 2026.

la zoo conservation plan

The Los Angeles Zoo’s first-ever conservation plan was launched during a keynote address on July 22. Over the next five years, the LA Zoo will leverage its knowledge, expertise, partnerships and engagement with a focus on conservation.

“It is important to recognize that conservation has historically failed the communities most affected by the degradation of our environment,” said Denise M Verret, CEO and director of the LA Zoo.

“Our zoo is the city’s treasured resource for connecting Angelenos with wildlife and nature, and we are doubling down on that promise with this comprehensive strategy that includes every person in our community in the action to save wildlife.

LA Zoo plan focuses on the illegal wildlife trade

“This is our world. It will take all of us working together to preserve it. Whether it is working locally with LAUSD school groups or abroad in villages in Costa Rica, engagement and empowerment are essential for this plan to succeed.”

The LA Zoo’s plan focuses on six areas – social and environmental justice, human-wildlife co-existence, California conservation, illegal wildlife trade, conservation translocations, and evidence-based conservation.

The attraction’s current partnerships include the Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education Center (Democratic Republic of the Congo), the Peninsular Pronghorn Recovery Project (Mexico) and the Wildlife Trust of India.

The LA Zoo will also work with LA organisations such as LA Sanitation & Environment, the Department of Recreation and Parks, and Griffith Park.

LA Zoo promotes human-wildlife co-existence

la zoo conservation plan

“The conservation challenges facing our world are rapidly growing, and we have to improve the strength and speed of our response,” said Dr Jake Owens, director of conservation at the LA Zoo.

“This plan provides us with the tools and focus to make significant strides in our six focal areas over the next five years and beyond, and will help identify and create the partnerships needed to see it through.”

By 2026, the zoo hopes to increase accessibility to achieve lasting conservation success, and create innovative solutions for conservation efforts through wildlife technology, virtual volunteers and range country partners.

It also aims to combat the illegal wildlife trade, promote human-wildlife co-existence, and create evidence-based solutions to conservation challenges.

Images: LA Zoo

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