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Perth Zoo to launch Facebook digital series


Perth Zoo, Australia, is set to launch a 12-part digital series called ZooBorns Australia, that will showcase their baby animals.

The zoo has collaborated with Facebook Watch, Facebook’s on demand service that was rolled out internationally today.

The zoo is also collaborating with digital publisher ZooBorns. The zoo has been submitting content to the blog for several years now.

Media and communications manager, Danielle Henry, said:

“An invitation to create a series entirely about Perth Zoo was not only an honour, but an opportunity too good to pass up as we are always looking at innovative ways to share our wild world with a broader audience.

“The series goes beyond the cute and gives an insight into the importance of zoo-based breeding programs and our efforts to safeguard animals from extinction.


This week on ZooBorns Australia… a first-time giraffe mother welcomes a new calf much to the delight of visitors and zookeepers alike.

Posted by ZooBorns on Tuesday, 28 August 2018

“Some of the highlights include a giraffe birth, endangered numbat babies so tiny they fit into the palm of your hand, and rare footage of African painted dog puppies in the birthing den.”

The series will be published on Facebook each Wednesday until November 14.

Social media is transforming the attractions industry with an increasing number of attractions around the world taking advantage of social media platforms.

A report by VisitEngland showed that English attractions were increasing their use of newer social media. Instagram and Pinterest in particular are becoming more in use by visitor attractions. 44% now use the social networks, up from 22% in 2015.

Museums also showcased their own social media prowess this month by posting internet memes for National Museum Meme Day

Image and video courtesy ZooBorns and Perth Zoo

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