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dan pearlman Group explores urban interaction

dan pearlman tiny house

dan pearlman, a leading brand and experience architecture group, has announced the DREAM YOUR CITY project, enabling a collective exchange on a city’s future.

The dan pearlman Group is pleased to announce the DREAM YOUR CITY project, an interactive format that invites citizens, companies, investors, traders and residential communities to participate in the process of considering a city’s future. The first pilot began in October 2019, commissioned by the BID Ku’damm Tauentzien for Berlin‘s “City West”.

dan pearlman dream your city

While the pressure on a modern city is increasing, with conflicting demands for space, the dan pearlman Group identified the fact that there is a lack of a way for the people of a city to be included in its place-making process.  Big cities need spaces for living, working, shopping, education and leisure activities, developed in a way that works for the people who live there.

Constructive and fun participation

Introducing the project, a spokesperson for the company said, “How do we realise a positive, emotional and sustainable urban transformation? How do we create a new understanding of participation? And how can participation be fun and create constructive ideas at the same time? Our answer to these questions is a participation format for urban transformation, created by and for people: DREAM YOUR CITY.”

dan pearlman dream your city

The project aims to identify and explore a range of urban challenges and possible solutions, by asking people to picture how their city should work. The collaboration process looks at real topics, friction points and favourite places while valuing inclusion, creativity, learning, community and play.

Several different tools and formats are involved, from workshops and information events to urban interactions with pop-ups and public talks. People can also contribute digitally through the project’s website, posting their wishes for a future city.


For the pilot project in Berlin, the TINY HOUSE by DAN ACADEMY was chosen. The construction of the TINY HOUSE was used to stir up interest in the project, with information fixed to the site fence with details about DREAM YOUR CITY.dan pearlman dream your city

The TINY HOUSE will serve as a pop-up venue for workshops and interviews over the course of a month, visiting different locations in Berlin’s city west. On six participation days and 25 presence days, local people will be able to learn about the city’s latest projects, plans and developments. They will also be invited to share their ideas through anonymous feedback.

Some of the topics under discussion will be things like amenities, services and public spaces as well as security, cleanliness, logistics & mobility. The project will also look at brand and experience.

Online, there will be an opportunity for people to share ideas and vote for their favourites, as well as taking part in a survey. One outcome which the organisers are aiming to develop is a heatmap, in collaboration with local Universities, which will collect the negative spaces and transfer them to augmented reality.

The dan pearlman Group is also working to develop the strategic and communicative destination profile of a new city neighbourhood in Berlin, Am Tacheles.

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