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Event Network teams up with Kastlfel to advance organic cotton farming

Event Network

Event Network, leading cultural attraction retailer, has announced it is working together with Kastlfel on the Transitional Cotton Project.

Event Network is pleased to announce that it is collaborating with Kastlfel, a leader in innovative sustainable apparel, to further the growth of certified organic cotton farming around the world. Together, the companies have launched the Transitional Cotton Project.

Event Network has a strong track record in sustainability and environmental protection and looks forward to working with the like-minded team at Kastlfel on this new project, which is designed to have a wide and positive effect on the environment for years to come. It will determine how better clothing choices can help to reduce the impact of the textiles industry on the environment.

Embracing conservation

“By embracing recycled materials, conserving water and reclaiming and controlling waste across the product manufacturing life cycle, we have an opportunity to make a big positive environmental impact while enabling and fostering growth for small farmers looking to become certified organic farms,” said Lorena Bubel, VP of Sourcing for Event Network.

Kastlfel and Event Network worked to identify farms producing Transitional Cotton. This is cotton that is being grown on farms following organic agricultural practices, however, they do not yet have organic certification.

Organic cotton

Organic methods and materials used in cotton production have a much lower impact on the environment. These methods can help to replenish and maintain soil fertility, reduce the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilisers, and build biologically diverse agriculture. However, it can be difficult and costly for farms to obtain official certification.

“Our goal with the Transitional Cotton Project is to help support these farmers through an on-going commitment to purchase transitional cotton to help them achieve organic certification, helping to promote and encourage the growth of organic agricultural practices and the growth of fully certified organic cotton producing facilities,” said Jerry Wheeler, CEO of Kastlfel. “Our Transitional Cotton Project ensures long term support for these farmers as they move towards that goal.”

The Transitional Cotton used will be grown and produced to Global Organic Textile’s certified methods and produced in eco-efficient facilities.

The new clothing line will be seen in selected Event Network partnership locations this spring. It will also be sold in a way that educates consumers, so they are aware of the origin of the material and purpose behind the program. The project will help to create a more sustainable future for the planet.

Event Network recently unveiled the new retail store at the Lincoln Park Zoo, which echoes the natural surroundings of the attraction. It also provides a wide range of products to support the zoo and its conservation efforts.

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