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Floating Venice and snowing Switzerland planned for Dubai coast

Floating Venice Dubai

The Kleindienst Group has announced their plans to develop a DHS2.5 billion ($680 million USD) floating Venice themed resort.

The resort was announced at Cityscape Global in Dubai this week.

The floating resort will be built near to the World Islands just off the coast of Dubai. It will be called The Floating Venice.

The vessel hotel will be able to hold 3,000 guests daily. There will be four levels (or decks), one of which is underwater.

Guests have the option to arrive by either boat, seaplane or helicopter. There will be an underwater lobby where guests check in.

Gondolas have been imported from Venice to take guests to their cabins via the canals. There will be 414 cabins.

The resort will also include a 12 restaurants and bars – three of which are underwater – and traditional Venetian-style shops selling artisanal products.

The resort will have 24 pools – some of which will have see-through bases that will give swimmers a view of the coral life planted below. There will be 400,000 square feet of coral planted below the development.

There will be 12 floating beaches to sunbathe from and two beach clubs. There will also be an underwater spa.

The Floating Venice is built using concrete for the underwater sections and then lightweight marine materials for the upper decks. It will have a lifespan of at least 100 years.

It is set to open at the end of 2020.

“You would be surprised how many people want to live inside the ocean,” the Chairman of the project told Gulf News. “We received feedback from 21,600 people and that was the reason why we decided to go in for an underwater luxury hotel.”

Snowing island

The Floating Venice will be next to the Heart of Europe which includes a temperature controlled Switzerland island where it will be constantly snowing.

The Dhs2.5 billion Heart of Europe project is spread over six of the World Islands 4km from the coast of Dubai, and includes Germany, Monaco, Switzerland, St Petersburg and Sweden themed islands.

Image courtesy of Kleindienst group via YouTube

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