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Tencent move into tourism, IP, consumer products and theme parks

From left to right: Shu Zhan, General Manager of Tencent Tourism; Su Yu, Secretary-General of WTCF; Laura Aalto, CEO of Helsinki Marketing.

Tencent, the Chinese media company behind WeChat, looks to be expanding into the tourism sector, after signing a cooperation agreement with Helsinki and and World Tourism Cities Federation.

The tripartite cooperation agreement will see Helsinki serve as an intelligent tourism model for China outbound tourism.

Network broadcasts, a WeChat official account, mini programmes, AR techniques, panoramic maps, big data and other related product services will provide a service to Chinese tourists to Helsinki.

In addition, a Helsinki app designed for travellers will be made available to almost one billion Tencent users.

“Cooperation with Tencent and WTCF is a huge opportunity for Helsinki to be seen on the biggest digital platform in China. We are very excited about this project. Our cooperation with the world’s top internet company Tencent, using its media promotion and product platform to display various aspects of Helsinki and serve Chinese outbound tourists, represents a great advance in innovation. Helsinki is the shortest and fastest route between Asia and Europe, which has helped Helsinki become the leading long-haul airport in Northern Europe. Launching this program will help make Helsinki as a destination and its attractions more accessible to Chinese travellers,” says Laura Aalto, CEO of Helsinki Marketing.

CoNaBLUE Tencent FZTencent has also recently invested in local producer FZ Entertainment’s original animated series, CoNaBLUE.  Animation Magazine reports that Tencent will help drive CoNaBLUE‘s consumer products efforts through its acquired online retailer Plans for a theme park are also reported to be under discussion.

Tencent also owns around 18% of, which is the largest Chinese e-commerce outfit behind Alibaba.

A variety of products based on Tencent properties will likely be offered from the Chinese online retailer.

Properties likely to be merchandised include Tencent’s social media platforms like QQ and WeChat, as well as its gaming IPs, like Honour of Kings (aka Arena of Valor or Strike of Kings).

Earlier this year Tencent announced their plans to open an esports theme park.

Header Image: Left to right: Shu Zhan, General Manager of Tencent Tourism; Su Yu, Secretary-General of WTCF; Laura Aalto, CEO of Helsinki Marketing.

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Michael Mander

Michael Mander

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