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Hello I/O

We create immersive high-tech spaces that tell stories and engage people in new experiences.
Our mission is to create groundbreaking technology which captivates and inspires people.

Hello I/O is an international company that creates projects at the point of design, architecture and technology.
Our primary technology is phygital (physical + digital): the integration of the digital world into the real world.

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As a long-established industry leader in digital entertainment and edutainment, we are highly skilled at enhancing physical venues with interactive spaces, achieved via stunning state-of-the-art technology. 

We offer a range of unique experiences for museums, cultural attractions, theme parks, AR spaces, FECs, and brands all over the globe. 

Founded in 2011, we have a strong international reputation and a diverse portfolio of spectacular examples. That portfolio extends across the world from the Philippines to the USA, covering a total of more than 13 countries. 

The Hello I/O office houses 100+ members of the industry’s leading artists, a strong team of CG generalists, programmers, designers, creative specialists, and technicians…who visualize and implement never-before-seen, spellbinding experiences.

From conception, design, and content development, to installation, and technical support  – our teams are with you every step of the way, providing the expertise required to bring the most distinctive and innovative projects imaginable to life.

Our recent works include: 
Edutainment immersive experience, Jurassic Ocean
Interactive art space Fantasy Ocean
Multimedia digital park with characters of the oldest animation studio Souzmultfilm

Our business lines include:
1. Software/content development services 
2. Hello Park, a worldwide chain of digital interactive parks
3. Touring exhibitions/development, ready-made projects for lease
4. Free-standing attractions

Our services include:
– Creative work and concepting
– Multimedia system design
– Multimedia content creation (AR, VR, XR, realtime graphics)
– Equipment support
– Installation and setup
– Technical support

1. Software & content development services

We can develop a project of any complexity and theme. For example, we can create a park using your brand and/or integrate your existing characters into our games.

2. Hello Park

Hello Park is a multimedia digital park for the whole family with over 30 parks in over 7 countries.

The main goal is to rethink entertainment and make it meaningful, immersive, and stimulating to kids’ development. The park combines traditional children’s games, colorful projections, and advanced technologies. It helps children learn new skills and develop their creativity in a playful, fun way.

The multimedia format is new, makes it possible for quick changes to the park’s content which creates the incentive for repeat visits and allows for many visitors at the same time. All together this makes for a very attractive business opportunity.

Hello Park can adapt to any size or venue, sizing ranges from 120sq m to 1000sq m.
Hello Park’s attractions are new to the market and give you an advantage over your competitors while creating a steady stream of interested clients.
A system of cameras and sensors allows dozens of visitors to interact with all of the projections simultaneously. There are no lines, and there’s no question of equipment hygiene like with VR games. The passability of the park is limited by the area size. 1 person per 2.5sq m.
This new and unique format will thrill and excite both children and their parents because it’s mixing an immediate WOW effect, holistic development and total safety for children of any age.
As well as ticket revenue, you can offer merchandise opportunities, food and beverage, field trips for schools, workshops and photo/video footage sales.

The party room is an excellent opportunity to double the park’s income. Using unique tabletop interactive projection games, you will outdo any competing parks that only offer single, inflexible forms of party entertainment. 
New unique  format ideally suits birthday parties, back-to-school celebrations, school graduations and other group events. 
Our attractions will hold people’s attention during a party, while projections on the table will add ceremonial flair as you celebrate the birthday boy or girl! 

When you join the Hello Park network, you receive full support from the Hello I/O team. We provide staff training and park operation instructions as well as technical support. You also receive marketing materials with a ready-made set of advertising layouts to promote your park. With an account manager and project manager, the Hello I/O team supports you at every stage of your launch.

Watch our video presentation on Youtube

3. Touring exhibitions/development, ready-made projects for lease

Thematic exhibitions are mobile ready-made projects consisting of several interactive zones in the same style, with a unique game plot and characters.
The arrival of a multimedia exhibition is a big event for the city! The launch is quite fast, so the exhibition can move to new sites every 2-3 months. Also, each exhibition has its own unique line of merchandise and souvenirs.
These parks need a space of 500+ sq m and are available on a 3-18 month lease.

Hello I/O’s ready-made exhibitions include Alice. Return to Wonderland, Hello Japan, Fantasy Ocean, Jurassic Ocean.

4. Free-standing attractions

You can place 1-2 games in a child care center, cafe or restaurant, airport or hospital waiting room, children’s playroom, and others locations. Explore our catalog.

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384 Keap Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211
+1 631 776 42 47
Bersenevskiy Lane 2/1, Moscow, Russia 119072
+7 495 009 89 53

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