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Hello IO

Hello IO creates immersive, high-tech spaces to create a culture where people can interact with a digital environment to tell stories.

Hello IO is an international group of companies that create immersive, high-tech spaces to tell stories and explore new technologies.

Our aim is to create a new culture where people can interact with a digital environment. We work at the intersection of design, architecture and technology.

Hello IO integrates the digital world with the real world to create ‘phygital’ technology – physical + digital.

Created in 2011, Hello IO now has over 100 team members around the world with over 500 implemented projects.

Our services include:

  • Concept design and creative services
  • Multimedia content production (AR, VR, XR, realtime graphics)
  • Technical design
  • Technical support

Hello Park

Hello Park is the world’s largest multimedia park chain with over 30 parks in over 7 countries. The parks make entertainment meaningful, immersive and stimulating to improve children’s development.

The parks combine traditional children’s games with advanced technology, such as colourful projections. The aim is to help children learn new skills in a playful, fun way that develops their creativity.

By using multimedia, the content can be changed quickly. This incentives repeat visitation which makes the Hello Park an attractive business opportunity.

There are 4 types of Hello Park:

Permanent Parks

Hello Park can adapt to any site or venue with a choice of 5 themes. Sizing ranges from 120m2 to 600m2.

As well as ticket revenue, you can offer merchandise opportunities, food and beverage, field trips for schools, workshops and photo/video footage sales.

When you join the Hello Park network, you receive full support from the Hello IO team. We provide staff training and park operation instructions as well as technical support. You also receive marketing materials with a ready-made set of advertising layouts to promote your park.

With an account manager and project manager, the Hello IO team supports you at every stage of your launch.

Thematic Exhibitions

Hello IO’s thematic exhibitions are travelling, multimedia exhibitions. These parks need a space of 500-800 square metres, and are available on a 3-18 month lease.

They feature unique characters and game plots with several interactive zones. There are also unique souvenirs and merchandise available for each exhibition.

Hello IO’s ready-made exhibitions include Alice, Return to Wonderland, Hello Japan and Fantasy Ocean.

Bersenevskiy Lane 2/1, Moscow, Russia
+7 495 009 89 53
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384 Keap Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Bersenevskiy Lane 2/1, Moscow, Russia

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