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Hello Park partners with Brazilian GSJ Group to open biggest phygital park yet

Hello Park Sao Paulo

Hello Park LLC, the world’s largest immersive park chain, has announced a new project with the StarParks division of Brazilian giant GSJ Group, the owner of Brazil’s largest indoor amusement park, Parque de Monica. Together, the companies have opened the world’s biggest children’s digital theme park, located in Sao Paulo.

Hello Park Brazil

Hello Park currently has 50 interactive spaces across the globe, including 40 immersive theme parks, 21 of which are open under the Hello Park brand. The parks bring together fun physical activities with classic computer game mechanics, allowing parents and children to spend quality time together in the park as they enjoy educational, active and creative games.

Bringing together high-quality graphics, motion sensors and classic game mechanics, Hello Park lets guests experience the world of mixed reality, meaning they can travel through different worlds like the ocean, outer space, the jungle and more.

Fun and educational experiences

Sao Paulo Park is the 21st park in the Hello Park chain and is the largest children’s digital park in the world. It covers an area of 1,500 square meters, with 1,300 meters of interactive space, and over 20 different immersive zones. There is also a family cafe, interactive rooms for celebrating family events, and a merchandise and souvenir store.

Shop Hello Park Sao Paulo

The new park features brand new Hello Park products, such as an art installation in the form of a 6-meter projection waterfall which makes a great photo opportunity. Visitors can also discover the educational game “Magnets,” which teaches children economic literacy and product safety, and an unusual entrance projection, which every visitor can interact with, with the help of touch mechanics.

Set over a number of different zones, the content includes games that develop reactions, agility, coordination and other motor activities; engage in creativity and develop fine motor skills and imagination; or develop logic, attention and communication skills with team tasks.

kids enjoying Hello Park

The new Hello Park is located in Shopping SP Market Mall which covers over 170,000 square metres and is also home to around 250 stores, 11 Cinemark cinema halls and three food courts, as well as many restaurants and leisure areas. It welcomes about a million visitors a month. 

A clear development strategy

Hello Park regularly works to update and diversify the content in its parks. Through the franchise, the partner gets a subscription and access to a database of content produced by the company, and through regular updates, new games and personalised mascots, Hello Park maintains a high repeat visitation rate and provides at least 15% annual growth in new traffic.

One of these fresh new features is a system of personal digital avatars for each user, introduced in 2022. Each visitor can make a digital avatar, and special software registers the guest in the system and stores their data. Using personal RFID wristbands, the digital avatar accompanies visitors in all interactive areas, and the accumulated points and success data are recorded on the wristband. 

interactives at Hello Park Sao Paulo

Hello Park is currently working on a number of new interactive games and is expanding every month.

“We have a big team of developers, the project has a clear development strategy and now it is very important for us to find partners around the world who share our values, understand our product and who can strengthen it on the local market,” says Alex Zavylov, director of development Hello Park.

“Exactly so it happened with GSJ Company. For us, as developers of the Hello Park project, the collaboration with the GSJ conglomerate, owner of the biggest and most attractive indoor park in Brazil Parque da Monica, is a confirmation that Hello Park in Brazil is in the hands of a professional player in the entertainment industry. I’m sure that partnerships like this only strengthen the projects and give confidence in its development and new perspectives. Welcome to our Hello Parks around the world!”

Sao Paulo Hello Park

More than 100 projectors, 20 multimedia servers, multiple depth cameras, motion sensors, and the company’s own software were used to create the new project. Marcelo Beraldo, Executive Director of StarParks, GSJ’s entertainment division, says:

“We believe that Hello Park is the perfect product for our market, and we are confident that it is suitable for all of our major cities. In addition, the Hello Park entertainment model has combined technology and physical activity, offering something very revolutionary in the entertainment industry. Hello Park in Brazil will be a great success!”

In addition to the new attraction in Brazil, Hello Park has opened projects in the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Slovenia, and Qatar during the course of 2022.

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