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Mack Animation unveils new Amber Blake – The Chase VR experience

A popular German family coaster is transformed into a new thrilling experience with Coastiality

Mack Animation Europa Park VR Amber Blake

Mack Animation, a leading animation studio and film production company, has installed a new virtual reality adventure at Germany’s leading themed destination, Europa-Park.

Europa-Park has offered virtual reality roller coaster rides to its guests since 2015 and has added to its catalogue of adventures with an action-packed Amber Blake – The Chase experience.

The new attraction enhancement is based on the Amber Blake comic series conceived by Belgian supermodel Jade Lagardére. The VR technology was developed by Europa-Park’s innovation lab MackNeXT, and implemented by Hanover-based Mack Animation.

Coastiality provides an upgraded attraction experience for guests seeking a whole new dimension whilst riding a classic roller coaster. With the assistance of specially-designed VR glasses, they can become fully immersed in a brand new adventure whilst enjoying the thrill of the ride. The rollercoaster lasts one minute and forty seconds, with a maximum speed of 45 kilometres per hour.

The thrill of the chase

The VR attraction’s storyline sees guests join super-agent Amber Blake to fight crime on a fast-paced jet ski chase in the cosmopolitan centre of Singapore. Mack Animations reports that the ride experience is not for the faint-hearted, and has already attracted considerable interest and excitement from park guests since its opening.

A company representative says: “To ensure that the VR ride really feels real, it was necessary to perfectly adjust to the track, the centrifugal forces and the airstream. Thanks to the experience gained from the VR rides [we have] produced in the past, Mack Animation was able to create a truly unique experience for the audience.”

This particular experience has been installed on the Alpenexpress Coastiality rollercoaster, found in the European park‘s Austrian section. It provides an update to the popular Alpenexpress Enzian MACK Rides family ride which has been at the park since 1984 and was the first coaster to open at Europa-Park.

The surrounding area has been overhauled this year as part of a major renovation with a number of updated attractions. This has seen the introduction of Josefina’s Magical Imperial Journey – a leisurely MACK Rides boat ride through landscaped environments, and the Danube Steamer – a pair of boats which circle the lake, each with a capacity of 40 persons.

The area has also been enhanced with additional theming elements and Vienna Water Waltz, a fountain show set to the scores of Austrian composers and musicians.

Mack Animation has also announced the addition of Happy Family Next Level 4D at the park’s Magic Cinema, the next instalment for the popular family movie franchise.

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