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    IndieMarketing provides strategic business-to-business marketing and business development, connecting all facets of Entertainment – Themed Entertainment, Film/TV/VR/AR, Pre through Post Production,  Entertainment Technology.

    With over two decades of experience, Tracy Balsz Founder of IndieMarketing, has the connections, know-how, and skills to open up new business verticals, establish relationships, and brand businesses with success. Hands-on strategy, planning, and implementation, IndieMarketing does it all.

    “As an established marketing executive I provide expert strategy, planning and execution of integrated marketing solutions including creative, branding, awareness, publicity, social media, websites, and event production to grow businesses, while incorporating business development strategies into the marketing planning into targeted vertical markets incorporating lead generation, database management, email marketing, and good old-fashioned direct contact to clients and potential clients” said Balsz. “I’ve seen much success in growing businesses year after year.”

    The company has worked across themed entertainment for many years, helping clients with their branding and strategy, as well as increasing awareness and reach.

    Current Clients:

    • Technomedia Solutions (AV Integration and Media)  with Dan Moalli and David Aion
    • Worldbuildr (PreVis Software for Attraction Design) with Michael Libby
    • Iconic Sound and Music (Original Scores and Sound Design) with Stephen Thomas Cavit
    • Eye Q Productions (Projection Mapping) with Jenni Ogden
    • RealD 3D (3D systems for dark rides) with Marlene Songin
    • Technifex (Special Effects design, engineering, fabrication) with Monty Lunde

    Past Clients:

    • MediaMation (X4D motion seat/theatres launch into cinema) with Dan Jamele
    • Wyatt Design Group (master planning) with Larry Wyatt



    Brands Museums Technology Theme Parks Water Parks Zoos and Aquariums

    Products and services

    Advertising/Public Relations Branding Consultants Management/Planning Market Research Social Media Strategy